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Our vision – context

The world of corporate information systems is undergoing a major transformation:

  • The rapid digitalization of companies requires all employees to work daily with their computer, smartphone or tablet,
  • New SaaS players such as Salesforce are disrupting the role of IT departments by addressing business departments directly,
  • Computing powers now allow the analysis of very large volumes of data (Big Data).

The user of business applications (SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, etc.), who are now overwhelmed with information and data, turns into Information Worker.
We must remember the obvious: he is not there to use computer applications, but to work, to perform the tasks assigned to him, all in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Shortways’ mission is to support him in this challenge, by giving him access as easily as possible to the information that is useful to him, directly in his work application, on the terminal he uses (his PC, his telephone, his tablet), at the right time.

What is the unique value of Shortways?

The digital transformation of companies has led to the deployment of many digital tools, which have radically changed the way we work.

Human Resources, Purchasing, Finance, Sales, … the digitization of processes affects all areas, and increasingly varied user populations.

To ensure their digital adoption, it is no longer possible to train via traditional methods such as face-to-face training or paper/PDF manuals.

That’s why we developed the Shortways Assistant, a digital adoption platform that guides employees to the right place, at the right time.

By adding our Digital Assistant to your software, you communicate effectively with all your users, and train them on the processes and data entry directly from the screen on which they are.

How? The Shortways Assistant displays step-by-steps, notification bubbles or even contextual FAQs integrated into the screens of your business application.
The user can also send qualified assistance requests.

The results? Users train independently, simply, quickly, and without going through your IT support! They are thus more efficient and more comfortable with digital.

You therefore reduce your training and user support costs, while securing your transition to digital.

Some key figures:

Shortways is more than…

Years of experience





But also…

Million of support tickets avoided

Halved number of incoming emails to the support

Division by 10 of the number of support calls

Million helps displayed

Hours of training saved

Why choosing to work with Shortways?

Our ambition has always been to support companies and their employees in their digital transformation, and to make the use and adoption of digital tools accessible and simple.

Choosing Shortways means:

🌟 Working with a French company, dynamic, attentive and responsive

🧩 Building THE project that suits YOU, thanks to the personalized support of our employees, in close proximity and confidence

🚀 Becoming the main actor of our solution, in continuous improvement

Because it is thanks to the active participation and valuable feedback from our customers that we can build this relationship of proximity and trust.

It is this recognized transparency that allows us to develop our solution according to your expectations and needs.