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Supporting users in the Transformation of the Finance and Purchasing functions

Shortways decreased the number of helpdesk calls by 10! 

A Large Company


Context & Challenges

Transformation of the finance and purchasing functions

A large company is deploying a new ERP Cloud application.

An innovative project which led the company to define a training strategy based on users and customer experience.



Shortways, an efficient solution to accelerate user roll out

This large company decided to work with Shortways to support more than 5.000 users who perform purchase requisitions in a new ERP system.

With the step-by-step and the contextual sensitive help features of the Shortways’ solution, directly embedded in their ERP, the users receive information in real time to achieve their tasks without any difficulties and support. 

Shortways is a digital assistant that complements the existing training solutions (traditional classroom sessions, elearning hosted on an LMS, videos etc.). Shortways ensures the support of more than 5.000 users thanks to 1.000 contextual instructions and 300 videos. 

A turnkey training solution, available in 10 days!


10 times less helpdesk calls in 3 months 

The Shortways’ solution ensures the quality of the data input in the ERP: users have access to a wide range of business information, right when they need it (especially on purchasing category).

By working with Shortways to support users in their new business environment, this company decreased the number of helpdesk calls by 10!

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