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Shortways Assistant for CIOs

How to improve user satisfaction?

Poor adoption and misuse of the company’s digital tools cause a bad experience. This poor experience undermines the productivity and commitment of employees. 

How to support users during developments?

Users may not read release notes for new versions of their app. Lost in their navigation, they solicit support teams that regularly receive poorly qualified requests.

How to better optimize the use of applications?

Many features of business applications are little to not known to users. This situation is becoming more and more frequent especially with the proliferation of SaaS software that is constantly evolving.

Shortways Assistant is THE solution to your problems!


With Shortways Assistant, you can:

Fluidize your user support

By capturing the screen from which the user submits his support request, the assistant makes it easier for support teams to take care of the problem: requests are better qualified.

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Reduce your user support costs

Users are better informed and guided when using the software. The Shortways assistant is available 24/7 to answer users’ questions and avoid calls to support.

Effectively accompany your evolution

Our digital assistant allows better support for employees when changing your applications by notifying them directly in the application and guiding them on new screens.

Shortways: a first level of support to increase the performance of business software users

Shortways‘ virtual assistant helps you improve user satisfaction as well as your CIO’s reputation with your employees. 

Users are more self-reliant in their tasks thanks to the self-help provided by Shortways whenever it feels the need. 
Thanks to its multiple contextual aids such as the FAQ, step-by-step or research bar, which provide constant assistance to employees, requests for support are divided by 10. 

In addition, employees can submit their support tickets directly from their app. These applications are better qualified, which reduces the number of rebounds related to processing applications by more than 50%. 

With these features, the CIO is more responsive, processing better qualified requests and afraid to act faster, thus contributing to a better user experience. 

The Shortways virtual assistant is an important part of your digital transformation. It accompanies your deployment projects or the applications already in place (run). 

What are you waiting for? 

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