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Shortways, the digital assistant that makes it easier to adopt your business application

Are you deploying or managing a business application?
Do you want to reduce your user support costs?
Shortways speeds up your software grip and reduces the number of calls to support!

Train all your users

on your tools thanks to our interactive and customizable step-by-steps

Answer the most common questions

thanks to our contextual FAQ 

Communicate effectively

to all your users with notification bubbles

Streamline your user support

capturing and transmitting better-qualified requests to your ticketing tool 

Improve the handling of your software with our digital adoption platform Shortways Assistant

Speed up the grip of your apps

With Shortways Assistant, getting started with your new software is easy. Your users are accompanied during the first uses of their tool and are guided step by step. They are also supported at the time of the version upgrades to appropriate the new features of their interface.

Offer the right help at the right time! 

Available immediately and at any time as soon as the user logs on to their application, Shortways Assistant offers the user multiple contextualized helps depending on his profile, and accompanies his gain of autonomy on his tools. 

Make it easier to update your user documentation

At Shortways, we know your time is precious! Our Shortways Designer interface saves you time when creating, editing and publishing your user documentation! 

Unleash your application support with Smart Ticketing

Reduce your application support costs

With Smart Ticketing, our user support ticket management platform, your users send requests boosted to context. Your support team has all the information in hand to answer in 1 exchange.

Streamline exchanges with your users

Your users do not have to leave their screen to ask you a business question: they are guided in their problem reporting directly from your tool. On the support side, provide a human response in the form of a real-time discussion, always from the business application in question. 

Eliminate the most common questions

Unblock your users on their own by promoting self-help thanks to a knowledge base of known problems, and streamline your support.

They trust us, check out their stories:

Find out how Shortways can become your key tool for successful digital transformation

For you who manage an HRIS

Shortways Assistant helps you manage your annual interview campaings and thus increase your completion rate. Your training processes are made easier and your employees easily fill out their form.
Our Smart Ticketing solution increases user experience and satisfaction by speeding up problem resolution with a simplified support contact approach.

Accompany your users on your ERP with our digital assistant! Shortways Assistant allows you to support your users in your purchasing transformation, make your financial data entry more reliable and guide your suppliers through their dedicated portal.
Smart Ticketing reduces operational blockages while simplifying the contact approach to the support.

For you who are responsible ERP Finance/Purchases

For you who are a change consultant

Shortways Assistant supports driving your customers’ change. You’ll be able to make your user support and training content available to them faster but also in a safer way. But also increase user experience and satisfaction by reducing operational blockages.

Our assistant helps you smooth your application support chain and optimize application usage. It highlights the features of your app to you users, and helps you detect blocking areas for your users as they complete a process. Your users will perform better on your software, and your support team will be discharged!

For you who are CIO

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