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Guide agents through the new tool and reduce user support

Shortways is easy to use, and administrators get the hang of it quickly. The Shortways team has been omnipresent in providing us with very effective support and guidance to get us started with the product.

Emmanuel Bunel

Head of the IT and Logistics Department, IGPDE


Context & Stakes

Upgrade the application to a SaaS solution and reduce user support

Guide agents through the new tool and reduce user support.

The IGPDE is the centre for continuous training of the Ministry of Finance and also acts for other ministries and professions.

It has:

  • 33 000 trainees and students
  • 50 000 trainee days
  • 130 000 agents of the MEFSIN
  • 160 000 potential «customers» with the agents except MEFSIN: more than half are training officiers and advisers.


The need arose to upgrade the training management application to a SaaS solution

The IGPDE’s objective is to support its agents to get to grips with their training tool, while at the same time reducing the workload of its support team, which is composed of only 4 people.

The project presents 3 stakes:

-Adapting some IGPDE procedures to an off-the-shelf solution

-Organising change management

-Set up a user support service



Integrating the Shortways solution with Cegid Talentsoft

24/7 support for agents on their new tool.

IGPDE was faced with the need to update its outdated training management application. Thus, the Shortways Assistant was deployed on Cegid Talentsoft in order to meet the needs and constraints.

The IGPDE has used these features in particular:

Contextual help to provide information to the user through tooltips

Notifications to focus on a field at the initiative of the administrator, for example to validate a report form

Interactive step-by-step to guide existing agents and newcomers through the screens

The FAQ to answer the most frequent questions from users

Contextualised assistance requests to centralise user requests towards the support team

Reporting to analyse the use of the application by users and enrich the help content


  • Reduction of the support load
  • Analysis of user behaviour
  • Improving the reliability of data entry and data quality

A reduction in support requests and more reliable data entry.

Thanks to the Shortways Assistant, the IGPDE support team has observed a considerable drop in requests. They are now residual but complex. As requests for assistance are contextualised and qualified, the support team has all the information in hand to respond.

Thanks to Shortways’ reporting, IGPDE can analyse user behaviour and thus create/adjust helpers according to needs in a reactive manner.

The integrated support provided by Shortways makes data entry and data quality more reliable.

We came across the Shortways solution, which combined interesting functionalities and simple integration into Cegid Talentsoft. Moreover, some of their customers were already using it, which reassured us“, concludes Emmanuel Bunel.

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