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Make your Core HR data more reliable


Make your Core HR data more reliable

The Shortways assistant informs the user in real time about the processes, data and repositories that gouvern your Core HR

Harmonize tools and processes

Standardize HR data definitions and rules. Improve the quality of HR data to optimize management and reporting.

Secure the Internationalization of Core HR

Personalize the information and distributed helps with Shortways according to the languages and regulations of your countries.

Make your deployed Core HR more reliable and secure with Shortways

The Shortways solution is integrated directly into your HRIS software. Thanks to contextual help, the adoption of your software is simple, fast and fun for your employees

These training tools will help you in the dayto-day management of your Human Resources and for your international deployment

With Shortways Assistant : 

  • Make your Core HR more reliable
  • Improve your employee experience and secure your data

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