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Shortways Assistant for SAP SuccessFactors

How to facilitate user adoption in SAP SuccessFactors?

A new tool brings changes that users have to get used to. SAP SuccessFactors must be quickly mastered in order to avoid performance losses.

How to make the HR data entered reliable?

HR data in SAP SuccessFactors is filled in by multiple people, sometimes including the employees themselves. Securing this data is essential.

How do I support all my users?

All business users will use SAP SuccessFactors. Supporting all these users who occupy various roles is complex because their needs are different.

Shortways Assistant is THE solution to your problems!


With Shortways Assistant, you:

Empower your employees on SAP SuccessFactors

Thanks to the accompaniment of your users on SAP SuccessFactors, the realization of the tasks of the latter are facilitated and carried out in a faster and more secure way.

Secure the data entered by your users

Thanks to our Shortways Wizard, your users know exactly what to enter, which reduces potential entry errors due to poor understanding of SAP SuccessFactors

Support all your user profiles on your HCM

Your users are supported throughout their navigation in your SAP SuccessFactors. They carry out their tasks without hindrance and take control of your tool more easily.

Shortways: a first level of support to increase the performance of SAP SuccessFactors users

Shortways Virtual Assistant improves and helps sustain adoption of SAP SuccessFactors by all employees, regardless of background.

By integrating contextual information directly into your business application, our solution trains, informs and supports users in the use of your SAP SucessFactors application. Shortways Virtual Assistant can embed any type of content: business procedures, textual definitions, business rules, micro-learning, PowerPoint slides, images, etc.

Employees are more autonomous in their tasks because they can access relevant information where and when they need it! Managers are more efficient on complex processes and administration tasks and HR specialists can easily secure the back office by quickly mastering your cloud-based application.

Shortways Virtual Assistant plays an important role on these three types of employees. It meets different needs and makes your SAP SucessFactors deployment project a success!

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Use Cases

Make the use of your Core HR more reliable with Shortways Assistant


Secure your Annual Performance Review Campaigns


Easily create and publish your job offers with Shortways Assistant


Facilitate the Onboarding process with Shortways


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