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Simplify your recruitment procedures!


Managers will not frequently use this process and the tools available.

Some managers do not naturally use the tools provided by your HRIS to create and post your recruitment procedures.


Job offers are not harmonized within the company

Without a standardization of job offers achieved through a good use of your application it is impossible to harmonize all your recruitment publications.


Managers and HR do not regularly and qualitatively process applications

It can be hard and burdensome for managers and HR managers to regularly and qualitatively consult the applications received as a result of your offers.

Shortways: a simple solution to support your managers on a daily basis and facilitate the management of your recruitment procedures!

Shortways’ Virtual Assistant improves and helps sustain the adoption of their HRIS regardless of the user’s role within the company.

By integrating contextual information directly into your business application, our solution trains, informs and supports users in their utilisation of your HRIS application. The Shortways Virtual Assistant can integrate any type of content: business procedures, text definitions, business rules, microlearning, PowerPoint slides, images, etc.
It can be used to encourage and support managers by facilitating the use of your HRIS with notifications, step-by-step instructions, contextual FAQs, etc.
Our solution also allows you to guide your Managers and HR users in the creation of job offers, their publication and finally in the management of applications received.


Systematize the rise in skills of new Managers and HR on the recruitment process

The Shortways Assistant solves the problem of constantly onboarding new users to this process.


Enable managers and HR to choose the ideal job offer models according to their needs.

Managers and HR will be able to use pre-made templates that are harmonized with each other to save precious time in their work.


Decrease the processing time of offers and applications

With the Shortways digital solution, your managers will be more efficient in managing the applications received in your HRIS.


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Demonstration on Oracle HCM Cloud


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