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What is a digital adoption platform?

Digital Adoption Platform (DAP): a digitalized user support tool directly integrated into company software such as Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud, SAP SuccessFactors, Cegid Talentsoft, or Salesforce.

The Shortways digital Assistant is a digital adoption platform.

By adding this type of assistance to your company software, you will be able to communicate with your users and train them on processes and data entry directly in the interface, thanks to step-by-step guides and contextual help. This will help them become proficient in their tools in a simple, fast way, and without having to go through your Help desk.

This assistant is tailor-made: it offers real-time support, adapted to the language, profile, and screen of each user, in the right place at the right time. This way, users can find answers tailored to their questions, round the clock, in just a few clicks, working on their own.

Other names for a digital adoption platform: digital assistant, interactive guide, application GPS.

Digital transition/transformation: refers to the changes associated with the integration of digital technology in all aspects of human society.

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What is the Shortways Assistant?

The Shortways Assistant is the digital adoption platform that supports employees who have to use dozens of applications on a daily basis!

By adding this type of assistance in your enterprise software, you will be able to communicate with your users and train them on processes and data entry directly from your interface.

How does it work? The Shortways Assistant displays step-by-step instructions, notification bubbles or contextual FAQs integrated into the screens of your business application.

The result? Companies conduct their digital transformation faster and more securely. Employees are more efficient and better trained in their digital applications. They are empowered simply, quickly, and without the need for IT support!

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What are the features of a digital adoption platform?

The functionalities of our digital adoption platform are the following:

Step-by-step: guide and train users step by step in the accomplishment of a task, whether it is the first time he/she uses it, or on the occasion of a new version of the application.

Notification bubbles: news bubbles or push news inform the employee directly in your business software, of noteworthy events (version changes, start of annual interview campaigns, reform of retirement entries, end-of-month closing, etc.).

FAQ: answer the most frequently asked questions directly from the tool.

Contextual help: pop-up to give your users access in 1 click to training content such as value list definitions.

Support request: a device to send a contextualized and qualified request by email to your support team or to your ITSM ticketing tool.

Search bar: use the search bar to enter one or more keywords and to directly display the corresponding results.

Dashboards and statistics: measure the use of the different functionalities (number of times a step-by-step has been played, a notification bubble has been displayed, etc.), allowing you to manage and modify the helpers in an agile and reactive way.

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Which software are compatible with the Shortways Assistant?

The Shortways digital Assistant improves and helps sustain the adoption of company software by all employees, regardless of their profile or language.

It facilitates the adoption of ERP systems such as Oracle ERP Cloud, Sage X3, SAP S/4Hana, or Ivalua.

But also the adoption of HRIS such as Oracle HCM Cloud, SAP SucessFactors, Cegid Talentsoft or Workday.

It can also be integrated with your “in-house” software, contact us so that our developers can study the feasibility.

How to integrate a digital adoption platform?

Technically speaking, to take the example of our Shortways Assistant, it is a simple native integration in the software.

However, if the application does not allow it (especially if it is a SaaS application), a browser extension can be considered by our team of super-developers (feel free to contact us to learn more about how a DAP could fit your environment).

On average, Shortways projects take 3 months to go into production, but one customer managed this in just 10 days!

Once the digital adoption platform is adopted by a company, users will be appointed as administrators. After a half-day training, they are ready to take control of the management studio to start creating your own tailored content, with our advice and support if needed.

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How long does it take to implement a project?

The average duration for the implementation of a project is 3 months.

However, it depends on the phase of your project (reflection, application being deployed, application already deployed, etc.) as well as on your available human, time and material resources.

For example, one of our customers was able to complete a project with Shortways in 10 days.

How secure is the integration and use of the Shortways Assistant?

Although data is manipulated, the Shortways digital adoption platform is not intrusive. It complies with data protection requirements, and we’ll explain why:

First of all, the integration of our digital adoption platform is not intrusive: we do not require access to your internal database for it to be used to offer feature segmentation via tags or other features. Shortways Assistant is a component added to your application or a browser extension, not an additional add-on.

Concerning DAP usage statistics to manage its use: we enable to measure the use of our functionalities, for example, the number of times the step-by-step on the “absence request entry” or “pay slip entry” has been played, but we do not manipulate or collect the business or personal information of the pay slips filled in during the step-by-step, we do not have a view of the data concerning the remuneration of the employees, nor the consolidation of the turnover in the ERP etc.

Concerning the use of the assistant: the usage data collected are anonymized by default, so that only general usage statistics are available, and not filtered by employee using his personal data (filtering by user number and not by email address for example).

Moreover, as far as data collection is concerned, the CNIL has set up 9 rights that can be exercised with the organizations that use your data:

  • right of information: to know how your data is used
  • right of opposition: to oppose the use of your data
  • right of access: to obtain and verify the data that an organization has on you
  • right of rectification: to rectify the information that an organization holds about you
  • right to erasure: to delete data about you
  • right to de-reference: to no longer associate your identity with content visible in a search engine
  • right to portability: to obtain and transmit/store a copy of your data for other purposes
  • right to data limitation: to temporarily freeze the use of your data
  • right to profiling: to trace your profiling, to object to it and to request human intervention in an automated decision about you

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In which languages can the Shortways Assistant content be displayed?

To best suit your diverse user population, Shortways’ digital Assistant supports multi-languages by being available in 26 languages!

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, English UK, English US, French (France), German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish.

Is the Shortways Assistant customizable?

The Shortways Assistant is fully customizable, to fit the graphic charter and codes already installed in your company, allowing once again to facilitate the adoption of digital in your company.

You can customize the color of the Assistant, the font, the icon, …

The creation of the contents does not require any coding skills from your administrators: our Shortways Designer is already coded, you just have to click on the desired places and enter the information of the helpers.

The helps are also infinitely customizable: text, video, PPT or PDF document, image, with or without color, bold or italic, … and editable at any time.

What are the benefits and ROI of a digital adoption platform?

ROI: (Return On Investment) is a financial ratio that measures the amount of money earned or lost, compared to the amount initially invested in an investment.

Calculate your ROI with Shortways using our personalized calculator on this page.


Major gains thanks to the Shortways Assistant :

  • Train your users more efficiently:

The digital adoption platform enables effective informal training of employees by digitally integrating assistance into the software in a simple, fast and fun way, at the right time, contextually adapted to the needs.

You get rid of user manuals that have become obsolete, long and demotivating to read for users.


  • Accelerate digital adoption:

Offering a simple, interactive and personalized user assistant to all your profiles makes employees feel validated and supported.

This promotes their well-being, motivation, productivity and success, while accelerating and improving their learning curve. And this, at all stages of their career: from their recruitment / onboarding to their senior evolution within the structure.

The digital adoption platform reassures by showing that in a few clicks they can perform processes or enter the right data.


  • Master the digital transformation:

Digital adoption platforms meet the need for knowledge and information sharing by offering remote, simple and fast assistance to users, to ensure they are proficient with digital solutions and can get on with their work without spending half their time asking for help.


  • Standardize, harmonize and make data entry more reliable:

By providing explanations on how to do things as soon as data is entered, the digital adoption platform addresses this problem upstream and helps improve the ongoing performance of teams who perform consolidations, reporting and decision-making based on quality data.

Your ROI on implementing your digital adoption platform is significant as you reduce your data reprocessing costs, have better metrics and make better strategic decisions, thereby increasing your revenue.


  • Facilitate change management:

The deployment of a new tool is a moment of uncertainty for everyone. Supporting your employees as they discover a new tool that you are deploying is a great way to ensure the long-term success of your change management.

With a DAP, you will be able to properly structure deployment practices right from the start thanks to step-by-step guides and contextual help. With a DAP, you can collect and analyze adoption indicators with dashboards and statistics, as well as retrieve information about user behavior on the software, giving you precious insight as to where they are having difficulties and what their support needs are. You can use the DAP to collect feedback from them, and you can make adjustments of any time, basing your decisions on objective data.


  • Streamline IT support:

With this first level of support, users can find answers to their questions in just a few clicks, quickly and independently. Your users gain in performance and can get on with the task they were doing rather than being stuck waiting for the support to respond.

Help desk costs are reduced as repetitive calls to the support team are reduced (redundant questions, round trips to qualify requests, etc.), gaining efficiency on correction and application evolution tasks.


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What is the pricing model for Shortways Assistant?

The Shortways Assistant is a subscription whose cost depends on the number of users and modules of the application on which it will be deployed.

Contact us for a personalized quote adapted to your needs: ask for a demo.

Who are the Shortways partners?

Our partners are consulting firms specialized in digital transformation and change management in companies. They recommend our solution for customer projects on issues such as application deployment, digital adoption, change management, user training, user support, etc.

Shortways is also an official partner of several software companies, and available on their marketplaces: Gold partner of the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), available on the SAP App Center marketplace, certified partner of Talentsoft, and member of the Union des Groupements d’Achats Pulics (UGAP).

Find the list of our partners and their description on this page.

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