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How to set up my Shortways Digital Adoption Platform?

You know about:

So, let’s imagine you have reached the conclusion that DAP is the solution to your digital transformation and adoption challenges… now, you are wondering how it might integrate with your application and how you might create training content.

Well, that’s exactly what we will be looking at in this article.

1. How do I integrate a DAP into my software?

Setting up a DAP project

Simplified technical deployment

  • Native integration in the software
  • Component / JavaScript code
  • Available on your software:

Is your application compatible with Shortways? 

  • Or on your browsers by browser extension
  • Compliant with GDPR requirements
  • Adaptable to your own security and business requirements
  • No default extension deployment
  • No add-on on the workstation by default

Quick Start methodology: fast & easy


Timeline for the implementation of Shortways Assistant:

  • 1st technical diagnostic meeting to deploy the solution best suited to your needs
  • Integration of Shortways into your application
  • Half-day training session for your administrators to learn how to use the management studio
  • Start of custom content creation, synchronization and support on demand, review before going into production
  • The digital assistant for your application goes online
  • Our team then goes into project mode and evolves with your needs

On average, Shortways projects take 3 months to reach the Production phase, but one customer managed to do it in 10 days! 

👉Our responsiveness and support have led to the satisfaction and trusted relationship that our customers appreciate.

         GDPR-friendly integration 

Our assistant complies with the data protection requirements:

  • Concerning the use of the Assistant : all usage data collected is by default anonymized, in order to have only general usage statistics. In other words, data cannot be filtered by employee via his personal data (filtering by user number and not by email address for example).
  • The integration of our digital adoption platform is non-intrusive: we do not require access to your internal database in order to offer the segmentation of features (profile, language, screen) via tags or other features.
  • We do not collect business data nor personal data : when you perform steps, we do not collect the personal data entered in the process step fields, only the number of times the step is played

2. How do I create training content with my DAP?

Content-creation guide for administrators


As you can see in this video, this basic step-by-step used to file for vacation leave was created in just a few minutes.

Then, we spend a few minutes thinking about the best way to write the steps, to verify that all the essential information has been gathered, to check (with the help of a business colleague) the accuracy of the information given, and to check that the information given in the step-by-step guides is sufficient.

The other features are even easier to create… we can show you this in a demo!


Shortways Designer is like riding a bike: it takes a little practice to learn how to use it, but after that it’s child’s play and you never forget it 😉

Shortways Designer, a solution:

✔️ Contemporary

Adapted to the evolution of training demands: content directly integrated into the application adapted to the screen, available on demand at the right time at the right place in a single click.

  • your users are operational faster, manage to work on their own, and are efficient,
  • you retain control over deployment, change management and software adoption
  • your Help Desk receives fewer calls for assistance

✔️ Simple

Easier to create and maintain content: in a few clicks, you create a step-by-step for all the necessary profiles. And, of course, changes are easy to make (new release, changes, subsequent to an analysis of usage statistics,…) in just a few clicks!

No longer any need to change and (re)distribute user manuals every time they are updated. Our creation studio is as easy to use as the Assistant, and does not require technical coding skills from the administrators (no-code / low-code solution)!

Choose the appropriate feature, click on the places where the content should be displayed, fill in the pre-installed fields by our Assistant, check, publish, and you’re done!

✔️ Targeted / Customized

Segmentation by user/profile, screen, language, thanks to the creation of “tags“.

Everything is customizable without having to enter a single line of code thanks to our pre-designed fields: who, when, what… in this way, your training course is tailored to your needs.

That said, if you do know how to code, a “code” box is also available to fit your graphic chart or your needs 😉

✔️ Complete

The features can be combined for a smooth and complete use, without being overloaded and disordered.

A selection of Shortways Designer features:


Used to filter a feature by user profile. For example, if you want to create a step-by-step for “Make a purchase request”, you can add the “Purchase” tag to this step-by-step. In this way, only the user profiles that have been entered as belonging to the “Purchase” category will be offered the latter in the available list.

Language /  Multi-language management

Just like tags, the language setting can be used to filter content according to the user profile.

For example, French step-by-steps will run on the computer of a person working on an ERP where the language is French.

Your company is international, your users speak several languages according to their geographical distribution?

No problem: Shortways supports over 25 languages and displays help based on the language of the user’s profile.

Finally, no need to create a step-by-step from zero to translate it! In order to simplify your translation work, our admin console can automatically translate up to 40 helpers at a time. You will only have to reread the translation in order to use your vocabulary.

Languages currently supported

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English UK, English US, French FR, French Switzerland, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Thai, Turkish

Show Me

The “Show Me” button returns an instant preview of the step-by-step or training content in preparation.  You can test each adjustment in real time to be as close as possible to your needs.


If this box is checked, the feature will run automatically when a particular screen is opened: launch a step-by-step when a user visits a screen for the first time, push a notification bubble to notify a user of an event,…


Use the “Draft” button to save the created content as a draft… a draft cannot be seen by users. In other words, you can play the entire step-by-step in the application, make sure it’s working as intended and then publish it officially.

Content customization

Many “visual” features are available:

  • You can insert documents inside bubbles: PowerPoint, video, images… Sometimes much more effective and complete than text.
  • Dark Background / Highlighted Target: you can add a dark background to the screen or frame the area to be clicked to perform the necessary action in order to draw the user’s eye and highlight the bubble.

We could talk about our features for hours, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, why not see the Assistant in action?

Contact us for a demo, a specific question, or to tell us about your DAP implementation project!

💡 Bonus: a savings calculator to find out how much you could save by integrating Shortways Assistant within your application… follow the guide!

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