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Shortways Assistant for Sage X3

How to improve the appropriation of your ERP?

Poor adoption of Sage X3 by your employees is time consuming. They waste time navigating their software to complete their logistical and financial tasks.

How to secure your software data?

Data entry errors can result from poor adoption of your software. These erroneous datas lead to restatements and can distort the almost all the reporting datas.

How to digitize your several processes?

Users need to easily find the information they need to perform their quality controls or budget management. Looking for them is a waste of time.

Shortways Assistant is THE solution to your problems!


With Shortways Assistant, you can:

Support all your employees on Sage X3

Our digital assistant supports your users in their purchase requests, sales management, financial reports and financial, buying or accounting  tasks.

Secure the entries of your employees

By supporting users during their tasks, our digital assistant reduces the risk of incorrect entries. Your data will be of better quality and your employees will gain time.

Facilitate access to many information

By offering aids facilitating access to various information, the user will be more efficient and more productive during his inventory management or accounting operations.

Shortways: a first level of support to increase the performance of business software users

Shortways‘ virtual assistant improves and helps ensure the adoption of Sage X3 by all employees, regardless of their profile. 

By integrating contextual information directly into your business application, our solution trains, informs and supports users in the use of your application. The Shortways virtual assistant can be integrated on any type of content:  business procedures, text definitions, business rules, micro-learning, PowerPoint slides, images, etc. 

Users are more self-reliant in their tasks because they can access relevant information where and when they need it! As a result, they have less need to request user support when browsing the tool. 

In addition, the submission of an assistance ticket is facilitated and better qualified with the Shortways Assistant: the assistant captures the screen from which the ticket is issued and informs your IT team. This is more efficient, and the processing time of the problems is therefore reduced. 

The Shortways virtual assistant is an important part of your digital transformation. It meets different needs and makes your deployment and takeover project a success! 

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