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Improve data quality


In 76% of cases, users are responsible the poor quality of data*

With the explosion of data volumes (Big Data) good data management has become vital. Data documentation and data quality become differentiating criteria that underpin corporate competitiveness.

Poor data quality can erode turnover by 15 or 20% (the annual loss of earnings in the USA is estimated to be 3 billion dollars!).

* Data Quality and the Bottom Line: Achieving Business Success through a Commitment to High Quality Data The Data Warehousing Institute. 2002.

Improve Data Reliability

Focus on User Support

Optimize your Financial Processes

Improve Data Quality In The Information System

Data quality is key within an organization; analytics determine its strategic decisions. Yet the data quality issue is often considered only after data has already been stored in the information system.

Our preventive approach acts on the prime data entry vector: the user. Your employees are at the source of data input and their competencies will definitely determine the analytics maturity of your company!

The latest cloud applications are easier to use, but business procedures remain complex. Users need to know not only where to click, but also which procedures they should follow.

The Shortways Virtual Assistant delivers relevant business information. In a click employees have access to the information they need: reporting guides, consolidation, manuals, charts of accounts, indicators, definitions, controls and instructions for filling in forms. When users have access to the right procedures and business rules, they are better informed and more likely to enter correct data!

Better data quality on input means less corrective reprocessing later on. It impacts positively your operational activities and ensures that  your decision-makers get reliable dashboards and management charts. Most importantly, it brings cost savings. Poor data quality is costly!

Improve your reporting and strategic decisions

Reduce data reprocessing cost

Standardize processes in all Business Units


White Paper

Consolidation & Reporting – The User: The key to high quality financial data

The Consolidation & Reporting function faces many problems making it difficult to fulfill its prime mission of producing reliable figures and data. The Consolidation & Reporting activity employs processes, Information Systems (IS) and men and women all of which require regular adaptation to guarantee data quality.

whitr paper financial data

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