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Secure your Annual Employee Performance Review


Performance review campaigns are less attractive

Deemed obsolete by employees, the Annual Employee Performance Review as they take place today have less and less followers


Procedures are not followed on a recurring basis

As these evaluations take place only once a year, managers and employees tend to forget the steps to follow in order to complete the forms


Annual performance review campaigns are stressful for the whole team

This approach is a source of displeasure and  tends to increase the stress of employees and managers

Shortways: an attractive solution to support your users and secure your Annual Employee Performance Reviews

The Shortways Virtual Assistant improves and helps to sustain the adoption of their HCM regardless of the role of the user within the company.

By integrating context-sensitive information directly into your business application, our solution trains, informs and supports users in using your HCM software. The Shortways Virtual Assistant can integrate any type of content: business procedures, text definitions, business rules, micro-learning, PowerPoint slides, images, and more.

With this tool, employees complete their form correctly and quickly, as they can access contextualized information when they need it. Managers know what steps to do to easily complete their employee evaluation form.

All of these tools allow your team to secure their Annual Employee Performance Reviews while providing them with contextual support and improved user experience.

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A more engaging collaborator experience

The Shortways solution is context-sensitive and adapted to provide the user with the help he needs at the right time


A guarantee of assistance at any time

Adapted help items are available 24/7 to the user, depending on the task he wants to perform or the information he needs according to the screen he is in


Managers and employees are reassured

The user is supported. It increases the adoption of his HCM solution and secures the reviews


Demonstration on Talentsoft


Demonstration on Oracle HCM Cloud


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