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The Talentsoft Starter Kit by Shortways

What is the Talentsoft Starter Kit?

The Talentsoft Starter Kit is a package of nearly 300 Shortways aids that meets your needs for:

  • User training
  • Improving your Talentsoft adoption
  • User support

Thanks to our step-by-step instructions, our notification bubbles, our FAQs and our contextual help, you will be able to provide a support solution to your employees on these subjects!

The different modules included in the Talentsoft Starter Kit are:


108 helps for this module


40 helps for this module

Core HR

45 helps for this module


98 helps for this module

What are the different advantages and benefits of the Talentsoft Starter Kit?

Thanks to the Talentsoft Starter Kit from Shortways, you benefit from a ready-to-use pack, customizable according to your process and identity, all this with a rapid integration into Talentsoft.

Save time

on the training and adoption of Talentsoft by your employees

Optimize your resources

dedicated to the creation of contents

Boost user autonomy

and get your employees operational faster on Talentsoft

With nearly 300 Shortways aids specially designed for Talentsoft, this ready-to-use pack saves you time on training your employees and promotes your Talentsoft adoption!