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Shortways Assistant for HRIS

How to make your employees more self-reliant?

It is necessary for your users to easily take control of your software in order to be more efficient and save time. Better trained users need less support. 

How to make your HRIS deployment more efficient?

Deploying a new tool is a time of uncertainty for users. Supporting them in the discovery of the new tool secures their ownership and effectiveness on the latter. 


How to make the HR data more reliable?

HR data is filled by several people, sometimes including the employees themselves. Securing this data is paramount. 

Shortways Assistant is THE solution to your problems!

With Shortways Assistant, you can:

Guide your users in your software

Users are better informed and guided when using the software. The Shortways assistant is available 24/7 to answer users’ questions and avoid unnecessary calls to support.

Secure the deployment of your software

Thanks to its various aids such as notification bubbles and step-by-step devices, the Shortways Assistant accompanies the user in his discovery of the software. Which is then secured and accompanied. 


Secure data entered by your users

With the assistant, access to information and procedures is facilitated. Your users have access to specific aids to enable them to become more efficient and reduce their doubts about their processes.

Shortways: a first level of support to increase the performance of HRIS users

Shortways’ virtual assistant enhances and helps sustain the adoption of the human resources management system, such as Oracle HCM Cloud, SAP SucessFactors, Talentsoft  or Workday, by all employees, regardless of their profile. 

By integrating contextual information directly into your business application, our solution trains, informs and supports users in the use of your HRIS application. The Shortways virtual assistant can integrate any type of content:  business procedures, text definitions, business rules, micro-learning, PowerPoint slides, images, etc. 

Employees are more self-reliant in their tasks because they can access relevant information when and where they need it! Managers  are more efficient on complex processes and administration tasks, and HR specialists can easily secure the back office by quickly mastering your cloud-based application.  

Shortways’ virtual assistant plays an important role in these three types of employees. It meets different needs and makes your deployment project a success! 

What are you waiting for? 

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