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The adoption of Finance and Purchasing tools


Digital tools being much more present in the daily life of these functions, how to ensure their adoption?

Between a need to make data more reliable and centralized, the inherent complexity of the applications to be supported, and an opening of the tools to increasingly varied populations, discover our advice in this White Paper on how to make the adoption of your Finance and Purchasing tools a success, while guaranteeing an optimized user experience.

All complemented by interviews with professionals in the field.


Our population of suppliers being very varied, as well as their level of digital maturity, the challenge was to empower our suppliers on the portal.

Emmeline Aliaoui

Digital Project Manager / Finance Department, Orange

Our functional support received more than 2/3 of its assistance-type calls on our 2 historical transactions, namely order entry and receipt entry.

Eric Piaumier

Head of MOA / GIS, France Télévisions

The adoption of HRIS in organizations


Is the HRIS well adopted/accepted by all users?

This White Paper, in collaboration with the HRIS Master’s program at the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, uses the testimonies of HR and HRIS professionals to answer this question.

It analyzes the obstacles to HRIS adoption, with a focus by HRIS domain.

In addition, you will discover best practices and solutions to be implemented during your projects.

The first operational challenge of HRIS is to put yourself in the shoes of the users.

Caroline Rousié-Villemin

HR Application Director, Sodexo

A solution is adopted when it becomes a natural part of an employee’s, manager’s or HR member of staff’s daily life, when it is no longer imposed but is taken for granted.

Cédric Lefrançois

Director of Comp&Ben, Payroll and HRIS at Vinci Construction

Digital Adoption New Generation

With the multiplication of user profiles, the faster evolution of applications, the new needs of today’s learners, and new ways of working, a question arises:

How to support users on their digital tools?

In this white paper, we will look at the acceleration of the digital transformation, the new challenges to be met, and give you the keys to a successful adoption of digital tools thanks to an innovative solution: the digital adoption platform.

With experts interviews like:

With the changes in the market, we had to change our processes and the tool used.

Stéphanie Paolozzi

Head of Compensation and HRIS, Bouygues Telecom

As we are moving more and more towards standard SaaS solutions that are not always to our liking or intuitive for the user.

Eric Piaumier

Head of MOA / SIG, France Télévisions

HRIS Adoption in Organizations

The arrival of Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in recent years has radically changed the human resources (HR) landscape in organizations.
Today’s prime HR challenges are digital transformation of the HR function and enhancement of the employee experience.

One question immedialty comes to mind: do employees willingly adopt these systems?

This White Paper is for you, HRIS and HR professionals, that are questionning about it.

With experts interviews like:

The first challenge is data quality and management.
Céline Ropartz

Group HRIS Change Manager, Engie

Adoption appears a very psychological thing to me
Guillaume Piot

HRIS Development and Marketing Manager, Altays

Digital Transformation: Support for End-Users of Digital Tools

Digital transformation affects employees but only 27% of employees feel completely at ease with new digital practices and 64% of employees feel badly or not sufficiently supported by their company to take advantage of new technologies! In this white paper, we will focus on supporting employees on new digital tools and business applications …

With expert interviews like:

In training, we must give meaning to the integration of digital.
Nicolas Jouanneaud

Training Director, La Poste Group

The important thing in the digital world is the human!
Valérie Hayotte

Commercial Director, Oracle University

Informal Learning: How can we train business software users efficaciously?

Digital is now omnipresent in our lives. It presents a wonderful opportunity to reinvent corporate training systems.
But who says digital innovation, also says new IT projects and structuring for the company!

The success of these projects lies in the appropriation of business applications by users and it is here that informal learning takes effect …

With expert interviews like:

Today we are in a culture of information sharing.
Louis Angeletti

Accenture Learning Services Manager, Accenture

Agility and communication are the key words of informal training!
Sophie Maladri

Head Teacher, KPMG

The User: The Key to high quality financial data

The Consolidation & Reporting function faces many problems making it difficult to fulfill its prime mission of producing reliable figures and data.

To ensure the quality of the data, the consolidation & reporting function must constantly adapt its process-based system, an information system and to men and women!

With expert interviews like:

The main challenges of data quality today are based on quality!

Vincent Michelet

Consolidation Director, Sodexo