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The User: The Key to high quality financial data

The Consolidation & Reporting function faces many problems making it difficult to fulfill its prime mission of producing reliable figures and data.

The Consolidation & Reporting activity employs processes, Information Systems (IS) – and men and women – all of which require regular adaptation to guarantee data quality.

This White Paper draws on the personal testimonies of several Consolidation & Reporting Directors in global companies such as Sodexo. It takes a close look at the work of the finance staff who use the reporting IS, for experience shows that these key players are at the root of poor quality reported data.

Donwload this white paper to know more about the different methods and means of keeping staff better trained and informed, consequently more productive and less stressed.

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Operations personnel are a vital link in the reporting chain, so they need special support.

The Consolidation and Reporting Manager

A Luxury goods group

The main challenges of data quality today are qualitative!

Vincent Michelet

Financial Control Director, Sodexo