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Guarantee a 100% completion rate of employee records


Not all employees complete their entire profile.

Some employees are sceptical about the importance of completing their employee record in full. They see it as a waste of time, an unnecessary administrative obligation.


The quality of profile information is rarely optimal

Many profiles are incomplete, not updated, inaccurate or simply empty. As a result, HRISs lack data and information within the company and teams.


The employee record is the basis for all HRIS processes.

The employee master record is a central element of HRIS processes in a company. Without a properly completed and updated employee record, other processes such as payroll, performance or mobility cannot function properly.

Shortways: a simple solution to support your users on a daily basis and increase the rate of completion of their Employee Record.

Shortways’ virtual assistant improves and helps sustain the adoption of their HRIS regardless of the user’s role within the company.

By integrating contextual information directly into your business application, our solution trains, informs and supports users in the use of your HRIS application. The Shortways virtual assistant can integrate any type of content: business procedures, text definitions, business rules, microlearning, PowerPoint slides, images, etc.
It can be used to encourage and support users to fill in their profile with notifications, step-by-step instructions, contextual FAQs, etc.
Our solution also makes it possible to improve the reliability of the data in your employees’ employee records by standardizing the addresses, social security numbers, skills and qualifications of each person, for example.



Increase the number of completed employee profiles

Help is distributed contextually, making it quick and easy for everyone to get help.


Ensure the reliability of the data used in HRIS

Managers and HR will be able to rely on the data entered directly into your HRIS and save valuable time in their work.


Secure the uniformity of your employee records

The information and assistance provided by Shortways can be customized according to the language and regulations of the countries concerned in order to obtain uniform employee data.


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