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Unleash your application support

Reduce your application support costs

Streamline exchanges with your users

Eliminate the most common issues

Smart Ticketing is a context-driven user support ticket management platform integrated into your business application (HRIS, ERP, CRM, etc.).

How? Users enter contextualized tickets from their application screens. These tickets are enriched with application data. They chat in real time with your support, and access a knowledge base of answers to known problems.

The result? Improve your overall support productivity. Increase the satisfaction of your users. Receive fewer tickets, but better written ones.

Discover its features:

Simplify the process to contact your support

Your users do not have to leave their screen to ask you a business question, they are guided in their problem reporting directly from your tool. Thanks to our AI, essential context data is captured to accelerate problem solving.

The advantage: A ticket opened in a few clicks which will be solved in a single exchange! Users satisfied with the speed of their response.

Increase user experience and satisfaction

Provide a human response in the form of real-time discussion, always from the business application in question.

The advantage: Your users are used to this system and find it more intuitive than going through lengthy email exchanges outside their tool!

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Accelerate problem solving

Your users don’t have to ask you the same question for which they have forgotten the answer, they find it in their support request history.

The advantage: Your employees are more efficient: they do not need external help to accomplish their tasks.

Reduce operational blockages

Unblock your users on their own by promoting self-help thanks to a knowledge base of known problems, and streamline your support.

The advantage: Effortlessly build a knowledge base by answering questions only once, and capitalize by feeding the base.

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Industrialize and simplify your ticket management

Replace your generic Excel file / support mailbox with our integrated back-office, for a more efficient management of business questions.

The advantage: Centralize and channel routed support requests to the right place, and save time and productivity!

Measure your performance

Thanks to our integrated and personalized dashboards, track your support KPIs. Optimize support for your users and reduce your TCO.

The advantage: Reduce your support costs thanks to better management of your support team’s activity.

You will never receive “It’s not working” again.

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