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A unique solution to facilitate the adoption of your software


Are you deploying an application? Looking for an effective way to drive change? Do you want to digitize your user training?

Shortways Assistant is the digital adoption platform that supports employees who have to use dozens of applications on a daily basis!

Shortways Assistant displays step-by-steps, notification bubbles or contextual FAQs integrated into the screens of your business application.
The user can also send qualified assistance requests.

The result?
Your employees are more efficient and better trained in their digital applications.
You also reduce your support costs in a simple and fast way.

Discover its features for your users:


Guide your users with contextual step-by-step

The step-by-steps guide and train the user step by step when performing a task in the application (consultation, entry, etc.)
The user discovers the functionalities directly in front of its interface, in a few minutes and in complete autonomy!

The advantage: Say goodbye to lengthy user manuals that are complicated to maintain: digitize your operating procedures with these interactive tutorials.

Communicate effectively with notification bubbles

Inform your employees directly in their business software of the latest news (company activity, deadline reminder, new version of the application, etc.).

The advantage: Animate your community of users with much more intuitive communication than a newsletter: communicate in the right place, at the right time, to the right people!


Quickly answer user questions with the FAQ

Give your employees quick access to business procedures and other useful documents answering their most frequently asked questions, in the right place in the application.

The advantage: Your employees are more efficient: they do not need to change screens, tools, or open a ticket with IT support to accomplish their tasks.

Reduce your user support costs with our assistance requests

Users can enter a contextualized assistance request (screen, profile, language) directly from their application. They can even insert a screenshot!
The request is sent by email to your support team or to your ITSM ticketing tool.

The advantage: A ticket opened in 3 clicks! Your support is streamlined, and your users are satisfied with the speed of their response.


Assist and explain your data to your users with contextual help

Your users access in 1 click, contextually, training content (videos, texts, PowerPoints, etc.).
You make recommendations on the entry of a field to the rules of the company, for example the definition of a list of values.

The advantage: Your users are reassured and make the best input choices. Your data is standardized and your reprocessing costs reduced!

Easily find content with the search bar

The search allows the user to enter one or more keywords according to its needs and to directly display the corresponding results, presented according to their relevance.

The advantage: Users can easily find any help content: FAQ, contextual help, step-by-step, even if they are not on the right screen!

Discover the management features for administrators :


Autonomously create and manage content

Create and maintain helpers, step-by-steps, bubbles, FAQs in a few minutes thanks to Shortways Designer, right from your application.

The advantage: Create your content in your software on the screens you need, all without requiring coding skills!

Dashboards & Statistics

Manage and measure the use of Shortways Assistant:
– Most clicked FAQ links
– News marked as read
– Most viewed help
– Most played step-by-step

The advantage: You easily decide what content should be created, maintained or not. In addition, the statistics can be anonymized in order to comply with your privacy policy.

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Download this presentation page:

Download the features detailed file :