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What is the Request Assistance feature?

This is the brand new help of our Shortways digital Assistant that will save you even more time!

Thanks to it, users can enter a request for assistance directly from their application and without changing windows! All you have to do is click on the envelope at the top of the window of our assistant and fill in the proposed form.

Is it contextual like other aids?

Sure! The request is contextualized according to the user’s screen, profile and language. It is sent by email to your support team or to your ITSM ticketing tool if you have one! It makes it possible to better qualify the request, by knowing for example from which screen the request is sent.

And what are the benefits?

This feature will allow you to channel support requests, and thus streamline application support!

A screenshot can even be inserted into requests. So you :

  • reduce the time-consuming qualification round trips,
  • your support team makes less effort to find the problem submitted to them and solve it,
  • and your users are more satisfied!

Evolutions of the feature:

New in 2021: In order to better help you qualify your support requests, a screenshot can now be added to the Shortways assistance request.

We show you how to do it in a few clicks right here.

New in 2022:

  • Users can now select a category to allocate to their request, so the support can better process requests.
  • “Content that might help you”: Once the category has been selected by the user, the Shortways Assistant can now offer help content below the problem writing box.

Thus, for a given category, the Assistant will display a list of step-by-steps or corresponding FAQs in order to unblock the user even before he clicks on “Send”.
These aids keep the context information specific to their creation: language, screen and user profile.

The objective is once again to empower users by offering them a first level of response, while capitalizing on the help content created by administrators, and reducing requests for support.

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