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Just released: the screenshot feature for assistance requests!

At Shortways, innovation and responsiveness are among our key values.

That’s why, in order to remain relevant and meet requests as best we can, our developers made changes to our Assistance Request feature, with the aim of providing requests that are ever more qualified, answers that are returned ever faster, and, of course, users always more satisfied and successful!

What is this new capture feature?

Some months ago, we announced the release of our latest feature: the Assistance Request, thanks to which users can submit a request for assistance directly from their business application, without changing windows.

Thus, if the user didn’t find an answer to a question via the other features (step-by-step, contextual help or FAQ), he or she just has to click on the envelope at the top of the Shortways Assistant window in order to fill out a form, sent by email to the support team or the ITSM ticketing tool.

Users can also take a screenshot of their screen, by clicking on the blue camera icon in the Request Assistance area. Moreover, these screenshots can be edited. Such requests, sent to Help desk, are still contextualized according to the user’s screen, profile and language, except that the screenshot is also attached.

What are the benefits?

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to contextualizing a request!

Your users are not always technical experts, and do not always know what information application support has or needs in order to process a request.

Thanks to the screenshot, say goodbye to incomplete or approximate explanations!

The screenshot feature is not only very helpful to users… for the Help desk, it means a gain in speed and efficiency when processing requests: with the screenshot, your team understands the source of the query and can answer it from the first contact, thus reducing the many time-consuming information exchanges required to qualify requests.


To summarize, with this feature, you:

  •  channel requests for assistance,
  • streamline application support,
  • improve user satisfaction
  • as well as reputation of your support team.