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Discover our new Shortways feature for assistance requests: the screenshot

At Shortways, innovation and reactivity are part of our core values.

That’s why, in order to follow innovation and better meet requests, our team of developers improved our assistance request functionality, for ever more qualified requestsever faster responses, and ever more satisfied and performing users!

What is this new screenshot feature?

Indeed, few months ago, we released our latest feature: the Assistance Request, with which users could now enter a request directly from their software, without having to change windows.

Thus, if the user did not find the answer to its question thanks to the other features available with Shortways such as step by step, contextuel help, or even FAQ, it was enough for him to click on the envelope at the top of the Shortways Assistant window in order to fill in a form, sent by email to the IT support or ITSM ticketing tool.

From now on, the user can even take a screenshot of its screen and edit it, by clicking on the blue camera icon in the editorial space for writing its assistance request. The request sent to the support is ever more contextualized according to the screen, profile, and language, with the screenshot attached.

What our the benefits?

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to contextualizing a request!

Your users are not always technical experts, and do not always know which information does the application support have or need on their side in order to process a request.

Thanks to the screenshot, say goodbye to incomplete or approximate explanations!

This easy and quick to send support request for users also helps IT support to improve the speed and efficiency of processing requests: with the screenshot, your team understands the source of the issue and can answer from first contact, thus reducing the numerous time consuming demand qualification round trips.


To sum up, with this feature, you:

  •  streamline IT support requests,
  • fluidify the application’s support,
  • improve user satisfaction
  • as well as your support team’s reputation.

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