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White paper – Digital Transformation: Support for End-Users of Digital Tools

Enterprises today are challenged by new market entrants imposing disruptive business models. Tesla on the automobile market and AirBnB on accommodation rental are two recent examples. To defend markets shares, corporate decision-making must become more reactive and agile, which requires far-reaching transformations and changes. Digital transformation today impacts every facet of business enterprise, and most importantly customer relationship management.

All these changes obviously impact employees who must adapt to new cultures, new organizations, new processes and, what interests us in this White Paper, new tools that they must imperatively appropriate.

Many studies unequivocally confirm that:
• only a quarter of employees feel completely at ease with modern digital practices
half of all employees feel they do not get proper support on digital tools
• three quarters of employees think that the technologies and software used in their workplace are not very efficient

Digital strategies are clearly overlooking the needs of employees, the end-users of digital tools, despite the obvious fact that they a key to successful digital transformation! Digital is not just about technologies; it is above all about people!

In this White Paper, we look at the challenge of supporting the end-users of new digital tools and business applications (CRM, ERP, HRIS, EPM, etc.). Organizations must look beyond the purely technological issues and adapt to the preferred working and learning methods of their personnel in order to give real sense to digital tools.

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