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Core HR, considered the core of HCM (Human Capital Management) is an undeniable asset for companies. It allows them to share in real time their processes, data and standards necessary for a global management of human resources. It is therefore very useful in the areas of recruitment, mobility, training or the talents available to the company. But why has it become indispensable for companies with international development?

More and more companies present internationally

International companies are made up of several subsidiaries that must have the same information on all its employees in order to carry out their strategies. However, this information can be difficult to obtain because payroll management methods and human resources management methods are adapted to the country of establishment.

Each subsidiary must therefore adapt to the language, currency, regulations, habits and customs of the country in which it is located. In addition, the company’s subsidiaries are of different sizes, which makes it even more difficult for the availability of up-to-date HR data.

Faced with these organizational difficulties, the presence of a Core HR within international companies has become indispensable.

The benefits of a Core HR

The Core HR is the solution for international groups to facilitate the sharing of processes and data essential for a global management of human resources.

It covers the administrative management of staff, reporting tools, sharing and updating information by managers and collaborators and collaborative workflow. This tool, a veritable reservoir of HR data for each subsidiary of a company, is the foundation on which the HR processes will come to rely in the context of recruitment, mobility, training or even talent management.

In addition to its practical aspects for HR management, it puts the employee at the heart of the HCM and makes him/her a player in his/her career, allows the improvement of data quality for the benefit of talent management without borders and facilitates the digitization of the Human Resources function.

How to secure the deployment of your Core RH?

Faced with the challenge of deploying an international Core HR in a multitude of subsidiaries, a solution such as Shortways Assistant proves to be a real asset.The Shortways solution is a digital assistant that integrates directly into your HCM. Thanks to its contextual aids and step-by-step, it allows users to quickly take over the HCM used by your employees as well as your managers.

These training tools help you during your international deployment as well as in the daily management of your Human Resources. It is perfect for managing your Core HR as it helps you secure your data and allows your employees to integrate your processes.