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Support GRTgaz users during the deployment of Kelio

The integration of Shortways in Kelio has made it possible to empower employees by promoting access to information directly in the tool, when they need it and in their context of use of the tool.

Chloé Longuet

Head of HRIS projects and HR studies, GRTgaz


Context & Stakes

Accompany agents in the new tool and reduce user support

Accompany agents in the new tool and reduce user support

In 2022, GRTgaz launched the project to replace its specific TAM tool which had become obsolete.

Among all the companies in the electricity and gas industries that used this historic TAM solution, GRTgaz was the first to make this change.

As TAM affects all employees and the payroll subject, for a wide variety of uses, and their populations not all comfortable with digital, GRTgaz needed to put in place a major approach to support change for its 3,300 users on the new Kelio tool.

The rules and specificities in TAM can be complex, the objective was to directly integrate into the tool contextual HR business/technical content in the supports, and not purely tool-related.

The « COL’T » project presents 3 stakes:

  • Lead the change and facilitate the handling of the new tool
  • Centralize functional, regulatory and technical information
  • Encourage employee autonomy by promoting access to information directly within the tool


Integrating the Shortways solution into Kelio

Support integrated into the new Kelio tool for the 3,300 employees

In addition to other traditional support systems, GRTgaz turned to Shortways from the go-live in January 2023.

To better integrate the Shortways Assistant into the daily life of users, information relating to the digital assistant was integrated into the presentation of the new tool.

GRTgaz notably used the following functionalities:

  • Step by step: getting started and training newcomers
  • Notification bubbles: notify managers about RTT placement campaigns
  • FAQ: centralize documentation on business processes and rules, and answer users’ most frequently asked questions
  • Search bar: create content associated with the themes sought, and adapt the content


  • Reduction of support load
  • Centralization of accompanying content
  • Employee empowerment in this digital transformation

Reduced spport requests and empowered users

The assistant has empowered employees by centralizing Kelio’s support content: up-to-date content for users and easier for administrators to maintain.

A reduction in user support: very few hotline calls since deployment (5 Shortways calls in 5 months against 100 tool incidents).

Usage statistics, in particular of the search bar, are used to detect missing content to be created. They are now a support of choice for the sales pitch to deploy Shortways on another tool.

Nearly 50% of users interact with the Shortways Assistant, a very encouraging figure for a population that is not very comfortable with digital!


« The ease of handling the Shortways Designer and the responsiveness of the Shortways team were a real plus. What was time-consuming were the upstream exchanges on the HR rules to be integrated. A few hours a month are then enough to create new content (tool upgrades, questions from employees, HR news). », says Chloé Longuet.

We have very good feedback from our users, who find the tool practical and useful, and project themselves into uses that we had not even imagined. Our challenge was to successfully deploy COL’T to all of our employees and Shortways has largely contributed to this success: the results are very positive!

Céline Buisson

HRIS Delegate, GRTgaz

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