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Support the migration towards Oracle ERP Cloud with Shortways

With the health crisis, when we knew we were going to remotely deploy the application, we thought that this digital assistant would be the right tool as the 1st contact with end users […]. The analysis of tickets gives Shortways an agile side which makes it possible to be responsive to requests, and to better guide users.

Eric Piaumier

Project / GIS Owner, France Télévisions


Context & Stakes

Support the migration towards Oracle Cloud, and reduce the user support workload

Support the migration towards Oracle’s Cloud version, reduce the number of tickets, and facilitate access to user support

After more than 10 years of using Oracle E-Business Suite, the support was still receiving more than 2/3 of its calls regarding the 2 historical transactions that are order entry and receipt.

And this, despite the new ergonomics of the Cloud version, and the monthly training sessions due to the high turnover.

Finally, the health crisis has forced the Group to modify its support procedures: a remote deployment without local « Super users » allowing a 1st filter on support requests.

It was therefore neccesary to:

  • support migration
  • by democratizing access to support for all users,
  • to reduce the number of tickets.


Integration of Shortways Assistant and access to support for all users

Support the onboarding of 2,000 financial users

Shortways’ digital Assistant was chosen as the unique tool for user adoption and support, with a view to anchoring training.

Thanks to the coordination between the different teams, the functionalities were quickly deployed as close as possible to the needs:

  • Support requests open to all users to avoid time-consuming calls.
  • Step-by-step creation for the order entry and receipt processes
  • Contextual help, to download the document allowing users to choose the correct « Purchase category» by hovering the keyword.
  • FAQ: addition of training manuals and various documentation without having to leave the application.
  • Notification bubbles: communicate during blocking failures preventing entry of miscellaneous operations, news, fixes, closing periods, etc.


    • Reactivity and reduction of support needs
    • User communication optimization
    • Facilitation and acceleration of the tool’s adoption

    Reactivity and reduction of the support’s team workload, user communication optimization, better tool’s adoption

    With Shortways Assistant, France Télévisions found the off-the-shelf offer adaptable to all its application projects, which enabled them to master the handling of Oracle ERP Cloud remotely.

    Communication has been optimized and targets better reached.

    Finally, the analysis of tickets by the support team made it possible to add and enrich content in a reactive and agile manner, and thus reduce the support workload.

    « What I have noticed during the various projects is the strong involvement of the Shortways team, which regularly delivered new versions to us and which worked in good interaction with France Télévisions teams », concludes Eric Molins, Deputy Director of Engineering support functions at France Télévisions.

    Download the France Télévisions customer case