Effective coaching during the Annual Employee Performance Review


Contexte & Challenges


Strengthening ownership of the company’s HCM

As part of its Annual Employee Performance Review, a large company wants to strengthen the ownership of its HCM by its employees.

The system is already deployed to 30,000 employees, it is to secure the 2018/2019 campaign.




The Shortways solution : an assistant that accompanies users

In order to meet the needs of the client company, Shortways Assistant has been integrated with the Oracle HCM Cloud software with 30,000 users.

With the Shortways solution, the Step-by-Step and Contextual Help, which is directly integrated into the company’s HCM, employees receive real-time information to conduct their interviews without difficulty or assistance.

The Sortways assistant has been deployed in 8 languages with customized content depending on the profile of the user, whether manager or employee.

A solution configured and deployed in less than 2 months !



A successful campaign and an increase in the completion rate

Shortways Digital Assistant helped to secure the maintenance campaign and increase its completion rate : users were quickly able to take ownership of the software and thus facilitate the progress of the campaign.

The Shortways solution has also enabled this Big Business to be part of an innovation and digitalisation approach to the training of managers and employees.