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Support and sustain the adoption of Triskell with Shortways

With Shortways, the handling of our new tool was successful despite a difficult context and a very tight schedule. The step by step has been very popular with users. We were then able to capitalize on our assistant by benefiting from the evolutions made regularly by the publisher.

Véronique Lemoine

Project Portfolio Manager, Crédit Agricole Group Infrastructure Platform


Context & Stakes

Support and sustain the adoption of the new Triskel software during the merger

Support and sustain the adoption of the new Triskell software

Merging several entities involves leading change management in environments that already have practices and a repository of specific terms.

During the merger / creation of the various Crédit Agricole entities under the new CA-GIP entity, it was necessary to support the deployment of the new Triskell project management software, in particular on the processes of piloting activities and recording time, and harmonizing processes and data.

Most importantly, the continued adoption of the software needed to be sustained. That is to say, do not concentrate actions only during the deployment phase.



Integration of Shortways Assistant for a digitized self-training

Digitized and integrated self-training for the 2,100 users

As the 2,100 CA-GIP users could not be mobilized for face-to-face training, the Shortways Assistant has been integrated into Triskell.

A self-training strategy was chosen in order to provide a personalized support, targeted to identified populations and key processes.

About 500 voluntary users were trained on so-called « advanced » modules (managers, project managers). Finally, 25 Ambassador-trainers were supported to multiply new uses.

Thanks to the coordination of the CA-GIP, Shortways and our partner Easis teams, the functions of the Assistant were quickly deployed, in particular:

  • Step-by-step: « Time recording » step-by-step in order to guide users on the screens,
  • Notification bubbles: closing date reminder, software presentation video,
  • Documented FAQ: « What is the end-of-month procedure for time recording? », …
  • Contextual helps to explain unused yet concepts by the old entities.


  • Secured adoption
  • Perpetuation of the solution and continuous enrichment
  • Reduction of support needs

Secured and sustained adoption, reduction of the support load

With Shortways Assistant, CA-GIP secured the deployment of Triskell.

The various populations were effectively addressed and trained during the deployment, and still are today.

Indeed, thanks to the tickets analysis, the content and documentation within the tool have been enriched in a reactive and agile manner.

This allowed user support to be offloaded and adoption sustained even after deployment.

After 15 months of use, it was already nearly 100,000 helps given to more than 3,000 users.

« With Shortways, the handling of our new tool was successful despite a difficult context and a very tight schedule. », concludes Véronique Lemoine, Project Portfolio Manager at CA-GIP.

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