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Harmonization of websites with Shortways

Shortways offers a new way of working, improving employee productivity and capitalizing on knowledge.

Marc Gigon

VP Digital Transformation, Total Marketing & Services


Context & Challenges

Harmonization of all its websites

All sites are administered using the same Content Management System (CMS) Oracle WebCenter Sites but each country can decide the content of its web pages.

This harmonization project required that numerous webmasters and web agencies receive training on this tool and on Total Marketing & Services internal procedures and rules.



Shortways support CMS users

To train and support CMS end-users, Total Marketing & Services first created about fifty wiki pages containing instructions and procedures for each menu and component of the content manager

Once these wiki sheets were incorporated in a user support portal (Microsoft Sharepoint), Total installed the Shortways solution on the business application.

Webmasters and agencies using Oracle WebCenter Sites now enjoy direct access to Shortways contextual help. They train themselves as they work and can even add new content that complies with the company business rules.


Training matched to the real needs

Shortways helps people make the best use of this rich yet complex CMS. Webmasters are presented with business information relating precisely to the site components they are creating or modifying.

Total Marketing & Services makes substantial savings on staff training thanks to this tool better matched to the real needs. Internet sites are now kept more up-to-date and perform better, and they help to spotlight new business opportunities.

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