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New design for the Shortways content management console

After the redesign of our Assistant and our Analytics platform, it’s time for our back office to get a makeover!

Code name: BOV2

This redesign follows the new UX/UI approach implemented last year across our entire solution.

This new UX/UI approach aims to put the user at the heart of our thinking, by simplifying their use.

This is orchestrated both for end users via our Assistant (the collaborators of our client companies: employees, managers, suppliers, etc.), but also content administrators!

It was therefore essential to review the Shortways content creation and management console to evolve in turn.

What’s changing in this new back office?

The focus was on user experience. Simplifying the experience with a faster and more efficient Designer, allowing Shortways administrators and content creators to be more efficient in creating new content.

Apart from the updated “look & feel”, the new console offers:

  • A French interface
  • Easy access to content: a search bar has been added, as well as the list of recently modified content, the ability to creater content from the home page
  • Refined content creation (necessary, advanced settings)
  • An assignment of the content’s language depending on that of the assistant (if you are connected in French, it will be French, if you are connected in Italian, it will be Italian, etc.)
  • ‘Mass’ content deletion
  • Additional library filters (status, author, category) and multi-selection.
Draggable steps

Simplifying use also involves small details that are important, such as:

  • The search bar appears in the back office to find the desired help in a few characters among all the license documents, even in the event of a typing error, filterable by type of help
  • Steps that can be moved/interchanged by drag and drop with the mouse (see photo above)
  • Filters kept between screens to avoid redoing everything
  • Visual color coding to distinguish content based on their status

This new ergonomics therefore saves considerable time on content production.

A development eagerly awaited by our customers, whose feedback received from the launch is unanimous:

Our customers have given an excellent welcome to this development, of which here are some statements:

“I tested the new settings console yesterday afternoon. Congratulations to all your teams for this result 💪​👍​”

“New visual, very well done and practical, well done”

“Great job. The console is really more fluid and pleasant”

“Thank you for the presentation. The new platform looks really great 😊”

“Bravo for these developments and thank you for this presentation”

” Thank you so much ! It’s great 👌​”

“Thank you very much for your presentation and this great work! »

“I was able to look a little this morning, it has nothing to do with the previous version, a real time saver! »

“The “Edited by…” filter is very practical.”

“Congratulations for the new step-by-step visual”

“Displaying slides side by side for step-by-steps is a real plus! »

This development also serves as a basis for new developments to come: more advanced content management, workflows and even rights, and new functionalities linked to new products whose arrival is more than imminent…