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Manage the use of your digital adoption platform thanks to our new dashboards!

After the complete overhaul of the design of our Shortways Assistant, it’s the turn of our Dashboards and Statistics platform to get a facelift!

Between new ergonomics and new data tables, Shortways administrators will be even more able to adapt the helps offered according to the real needs of their users, and to know their real use of it.

On the agenda:

1) The Analytics feature

Dashboards & Shortways Statistics allow Administrators to manage and measure the use of Shortways Assistant by employees.

This platform is made up of several tabs allowing an overview, but also a view by functionality: most clicked FAQ links, news marked as read, most consulted contextual help, most played step by step, etc.

Thus, you easily decide which content should be created, maintained or not. In addition, the statistics can be anonymized in order to comply with your privacy policy.

2) New ergonomics

Our Analytics platform changes aesthetics and ergonomics!

This new design is visually much more attractive, and the new colors by process allow a better readability of the data.

This platform also changes its architecture. The main data remains at the top, and the further down you go, the more detail you get: from the total number of interactions per feature, to its detail/granularity per page or per context of your application.

3) New features

New indicators have been added, and new questions will be answered.

The platform indeed offers more tables and tabs per functionality.

⭐ First of all, the FAQ now also has its individual data tab, such as bubbles, step-by-step or even contextual help before it.

⭐ Also, with the new Assistance Request feature, and the place that the search bar has taken in the use of our customers: 2 new dedicated tabs have been added.

You now benefit from data on assistance requests received by your support, and can also know the expressions / most searched keywords in the search bar of the Assistant by your users, just like those that did not lead to any results.

New data tab for Assistance Requests

New data tab for the Search bar

You now have a better vision of your areas for improvement by knowing the topics requiring more content, and can adapt them to the real needs of your users!
(Our CEO Toan Nguyen explains all this in the video at the end of this article 👇)

After analyzing the results, the administrator will note the uses, observe and correct the breaches. Your support becomes agile, continuous, promoting the adoption of your tool.

You create a virtuous circle of learning, and add value to your Assistant: users are more inclined to use it since it answers their questions. Their satisfaction will certainly be increased, and your support load will inevitably be reduced. 💪

⭐ Finally, many filters have been added allowing you to find THE most precise data you need during your analysis (by date, language, tag, context, and many others!)

4) Video demonstration

See what the new Shortways analytics platform looks like, along with use cases in this example:


There you go, you know everything about our new analytics platform!

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