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Shortways was the proud partner of the 2021 edition of Club Talentsoft, a webcast organized by the well-known Talent Management Cloud solutions software.

Talentsoft’s vocation being to support its clients in their digital HR transformation, this year’s theme was: « What does HR digital transformation really look like? ».

This theme, which is more relevant than ever to global news, is also part of the Talentsoft company’s current news, recently acquired by Cegid, in order to strengthen its position as a European leader and its worldwide expansion on the Payroll and Human Resources management solutions market.

Between sharing of experiences and good practices, discussion sessions on the challenges of digital transformation, and software innovations, let’s have a look on the main ideas developed and to be retained from this event…


Digital transformation and the « flow of work » 👩🏻‍💻

To be successful, digital transformation must be carried out in the smoothest and most transparent way, in order to fit perfectly and directly into the daily work of employees, in their workflow or “flow of work”.

Employees, at the heart of digital transformation strategies 💙

To be successful, you must also support and coach employees in the digital transformation. Not all of them are yet adept at new technologies, and the best way to know if the changes have been adopted is still to control them: through training, gathering feedback, and by ensuring that support for all affected populations is provided.

The employee must therefore be at the heart of digital transformation strategies, which will not succeed without having fully getting them involved on the cause.

Corporate culture and user experience, key success factors 🔐

This is why a digital culture and a strong focus on the user experience must be brought and carried out within companies.

From the recruitment, onboarding processes must be designed in this new digital logic, in order to engage users, enhance / maximize their digital skills as quickly as possible, and thus make them adhere to this digital culture which must prosper.

UX, the User eXperience, is a key success factor. The 3 key points given during the session are clear:

« Keep it simple, give visibility, smooth processes on all devices »

The smartphone revolution 📲

We know it: digital is evolving rapidly. But employees’ expectations are changing just as much!

Increasingly familiar with the use of smartphones, their thinking about use has become more spontaneous and their use more fluid and efficient, thus changing their standards and expectations towards them.

Indeed, accustomed to now have access to more and more information, more quickly and easily via these technologies, they want to find the same level of information and ease of use from technologies and processes used in their companies.

Adaptability and autonomy are therefore 2 key skills to favour among employees on these tools. We must therefore anticipate when employees will have needs: during onboarding, changes in tools, skills needs, etc.

Finally, communication must also evolve: there is no need for “more” communication, but “better communication”: ensure that it is well received, well understood, easy and quick to access, attractive, personalized, etc.


Here is a summary of the 2 major new features that have been announced as well as their availability dates:

  • The Recruitment module:

Onboarding process, compensation structure, … a new offer creation wizard will be deployed, with much more fluid and intuitive ergonomics, and an even more complete process: candidate matching functionality, sending of online tests before interviews, integrated appointment scheduling, …

–  New Job creation wizard > MVP Summer 2021
–  New Talent Search > Winter 2021
–  Recruiting Match > already available
–  Online Assessment integration > already available
–  Manager Self-service > Fall 2021
–  Process Management > Summer 2021
–  Compensation Data Structure > Summer 2021
–  Employee Mobile app > already available for iOS, Summer 2021 for Android

  • The Training module:

The training process will be more elaborate, in which the employee will be able to add skills that he wishes to improve for example, and to access a training search functionality by skills in the catalogue, training that the manager can also advise.

Currently, the skills repository is internal only, but the skills graph that Talentsoft is developing will allow for an external repository and will be available by the end of September.

–  Talent Profile > already available
–  Talent Marketplace > Summer 2021
–  Training Catalogue search > Fall 2021
–  Matrix Organization Management in Continuous Conversation > already available
–  Check-in in Continuous Conversation > already available
–  Training Evaluation > already available


During the webcast, 3 questions were asked to the spectators:

  • Is this your first participation in Club Talentsoft?
  • How does digitization support your organization?
  • Are you ready for your digital transformation?

Here are the chat’s results of the English and French version of the broadcast live:


Many new features have therefore been announced!

It may not be easy to navigate, including for end users!

Did you know that Shortways is a certified partner of Talentsoft ✅?

The Shortways Assistant is a digital assistant directly integrated into Talentsoft, in the “flow of work” of your employees 😉

Thanks to its simple and intuitive contextual helps, it allows you to: 

  • train and support your users during their use of Talentsoft
  • communicate on new features using notification bubbles for a better user experience
  • and therefore accelerate their adoption of digital tools and your digital transformation
  • while reducing the burden and costs of your support team

For example, with step-by-step to enter a recruitment offer, notification bubbles to communicate when a new feature is added, or to warn of the start of evaluation campaigns!

📲 In addition, the mobile version of the Assistant should arrive before the Fall release of these new Talentsoft features 🤫! A good solution to prepare and adapt yourself to new HR challenges 💪

👇 To find out more, contact us and let’s discuss around a demo 👇