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The sharing of good practices and the collaboration between our customers and us are part of the core values of Shortways.

That’s why being a customer of the Shortways solution also means being part of a community: our User Community!

In addition to the availability of our Customer Success team and its support throughout your projects, other events are organized to allow you to discuss, give your opinion, stay informed, and many other reasons.

Need to exchange with other users 🗣️
Rethink your practices 🤔
Find ideas 💡
Reassure you about your results 📊
Or to see our faces “in real life” more often 💙

Several meetings are set up each year by our team:

🖥️ Webinars:

To show you the news in pictures,
Help you make them your own,
Introduce you to the upcoming roadmap,
And collect your needs and feedback.

🗓️ 2 User Days per year:

Feedback from other customers,
Good practice workshops to use the features, measure your objectives, etc.
Presentation of the roadmap with your feedback and participation,
And many moments of friendly exchanges and sharing between peers in person!

🔎 The June 2023 User Day focused on sharing best practices.

Thus, the GRTgaz team presented “Tips for a successful deployment”: how they use Shortways to achieve their deployment objectives for the TAM tool Kelio, and the results obtained after 5 months of production.

And the Orange team showed us how to “Qualify support requests well”, with the following program: the functioning of their support team, use cases, and how Shortways assistance requests were used to reduce the number of tickets and streamline the support.

🔎 The previous User Day in November 2022, meanwhile, was focused on collaboration, through several workshops during which our customers were asked to express their needs, opinions, and recommendations on new products to come.

Throughout these workshops, our clients share their use of Shortways, their project methodologies, results and learnings without restraint. Enough to leave with a head full of ideas, and a confidence reinflated by saying that our dear users are ultimately not so different from one company and from one project to another…

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is in 2 minutes what a User Day looks like with Shortways:


Wanna discover our customers’ projects? Find them here: