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What is 70/20/10 model?

In the training profession, we often refer to the 70/20/10 model for Learning Development. But what is it ? 

This model was created in 1986 by three researchers:  Morgan McCall, Michael M. Lombardo and Robert A. Eichinger. The objective of their research was to understand how people learn.

What does the 70/20/10 model correspond to?

The 70:20:10 model is used in training profession to describe the optimal sources of learning by employees. This model says that, in a worlplace:

  • 70% of users’ knowledge comes from job-related experiences
  • 20% comes from interactions with others
  • 10% comes from formal educational event.

10%: Formal learning

When it comes to train employees on a new business application for example, a lot or organizations make what we call traditional training that is to say classroom training sessions. During this classroom training sessions (which can last several days), people comment a PowerPoint presentation, explaning how to use the new application. But, this method is not the right mehod to adopt. In fact, during this kind of presentation, 80% of learning is forgotten after one month.

Moreover, we know that 80% of companies’ budget is allocated to traditional classroom training. A bad investment we know that it represents only 10% of employees learning needs!

20%: Learning from interactions with others (informal learning)

Employees learn every day, thanks to their colleagues, those around us etc. This is what we call social learning. A collaborative method which allows people to learn from each other.

To facilitate and encourage social learning, companies can provide a social network for example.

70%: on the job-experience

We mostly learn hands-on. In fact, 70% of users’ knowledge comes from job related experience.
Users learn when they are doing, when they are in front of their screen. This 70% is the most beneficial for employees because it enables them to discover and refine their job-related skills, make decisions, addresses challenges etc.. they also learn from their mistakes and receive immediate feedback on their performance.

People learn by doing, at the point of need

Training employees, directly right when they need it!

People need to be trained while they are working and using their application! They need immediate information, right when they need it to be efficient!

The Shortways solution matches with this new reality and allow to train and to support employees when they are working! There is no more need for them to search the information or to call the hotline! To avoid wasting time (and money!), they can now train themselves by themselves, right when they need it.

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