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According to a report, companies are not very good at helping their employees in developing their careers. That’s the reason why, most workers decide to do self-training : they train themselves, by themselves! Nowadays, workers don’t want to stay stagnant in their jobs!

A study demonstrates that US workers are in charge of their own career development, spending 3.3 hours per week on self-learning whereas they receive 0.61 hours of training from employers per week.

But, how do 2016 employee learn? How do they practise self-training?

Thanks to the illustration below, we easily realize that the modern employee learns in a very different way to that which the company proposes.

What about training according to the company’s point of view?

Today, many companies suggest e-learning, or classroom training sessions to train their employees on a new business application. For example, they gather their employees, making them a PowerPoint presentation during working hours.

The problem is that, during these traditional sessions, 80% of the content is forgotten after one month (according to a study lead by H.F Spitzer). From a different study, we learn, that, 70% of users’ knowledge comes from job related experience. People learn by doing! This is the most beneficial for them because it enables them to learn from their mistakes.

But, 80% of the training budget in companies is allocated to traditional training (classroom training sessions, e-learning etc..). So, there is a huge difference between the way companies attempt to train their employees and the way modern employees learn.

What about the modern learner?

The modern learner, as its name suggest, has a way of learning that is different. You can’t invite modern learners to sit down for 3 hours, presenting them with how your new cloud based solution works.

As we just precised, the modern learner learns by doing. He needs to be quickly efficient and operational at work. He wants to receive information immediately, right when he needs it!

They are “self-learners”. They control their training, deciding by themselves what they want to focus on in order to be better.

What’s the solution?

Organizations should capture this environment. To support and train employees in the best possible way and to be as close as possible to their needs, it is important to take into account these observations and to deploy solutions which can help users become efficient, autonomous and which allow them to be “self-learners”….

At Shortways, we think it is vital to involve the engagement and training of the people. It is important to keep humans in mind, at the center of your projects both technological and strategic, because users are the one who add value and agility into the organizations.