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What is an efficient self-service solution?

Having acess to the right information, right when you need it. This is the definition of an efficient employee self-service solution.


According to a study conducted by Forrester, more and more people use the self-service instead of the phone to find information. The goal is, of course, to obtain quicker answers and to avoid waiting several days before having the information you need. Today, people are more and more impatient and want to receive information immediately. The study published by Forrester concerns consumers but can also be applied to the business community.

Collaborators today, want more autonomy in their work and want to be efficient!

Let’s take an example of an employee who has to make an order in an ERP. He has to follow specific processes and procedures. But, once he is in front of his screen, he doesn’t remember how to do them! So, he tries to refer to a key user but this one is not available. So, as a last resort, he checks in the intranet if he can find a document to help. But the intranet is in disorder and not really accessible

As a consequence, this employee loses time and is likely to input bad data in the ERP. The reason is that he has to enter the order but has not find any information when he needs it).

The Modern Learner by Deloitte is an example of how information needs to be immediate for employees. The modern learner is overwhelmed and short on time. In a typical working week, employees can only dedicate 1% of their time to training and development. That’s less than 4 minutes a day. The modern learner needs training information in shorter chunks. He won’t have to go for five days in a classroom.

Furthermore, today 70% of learners do research and learn by themselves. This is the most beneficial for them. It enables them to discover and refine their job-related skills, make decisions, adress challenges…

So why not deploying a self-service solution? Completely embedded in a business application, the employee, when he has a problem or a doubt can use this self-service solution (also called EPSS – enterprise performance solution or virtual assistant) to find the right information, at the right time.

This self service solution allows employees to:

– Learn incrementally

– Make actions

– Accomplish successfully his tasks

So, what are you waiting for?