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As  it  installs  Shortways  for  many  new  customers,  Shortways  continues  to  develop  this invaluable   tool.   The   latest   release   brings   some   major   enhancements,   including  more powerful statistics functions and ergonomic improvements to enhance the user experience. It  better  recognizes  the  work  context,  notably  with  ERP  ECC  from  the  German  publisher SAP®.

New features of ShortwaysSpring 15

The  big  innovation  in  Shortways  Spring15  is  this context  recognition  on  SAP  ERP software.
Thanks to its improved algorithm, the virtual assistant identifies the transaction (screen) on which the ERP user is working and then delivers contextualized information relevant to what he is doing just at that moment.

Shortways  exploits  the  Office  Mix  add-in  for  PowerPoint  to  provide  contextual  micro-learning – directly  in  the  SAP  software – to  meet  the  informal  learning  needs  of  SAP users. This is important, for according to the “70/20/10 model” proposed by the scientists Morgan McCall, Robert W. Eichinger and Michael M. Lombardo of the Center for Creative Leadership, 70%  of our  knowledge  is  picked  up  via  experience  and  practice,  20%  through  social interactions, and just 10% through the traditional training schemes that usually absorb over 80%  of  training department  budgets  (classroom  and  virtual  training,  e-learning,  Learning Management System, blended learning, etc.).

Another new feature of Shortcuts Spring15 is the Smart Selector:  when the mouse pointer moves over fields on the screen the user is informed of the availability (or not) of help, which saves time when seeking support or business information.

The  virtual  assistant’s usage statistics have  been  improved.  User  paths  and  access  to business information via Shortways are recorded in more detail (searches made, clicked links, displayed documents, learning modules used, etc). This allows the Shortways administrator to monitor usage and to continuously adapt the knowledge base by matching content better to the usage context.

In  response  to  customer  remarks  and  suggestions,  Spring15 improves  performance  and compatibility with  the  Google  for  Work®  collaborative  platform,  notably  with  the  Google Sites® documentary space.

The Shortways  Spring15  virtual  assistant  opens  the  way  to  increased  performance,  micro-learning and hyper-contextualized help. It is available now.

The next version now under development will make a major step forward by providing social features to enable veritable collaborative support for business software end-users.

Shortways aims to continue the rapid development of Shortways and release two innovative versions every year.