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We are happy to announce that Shortways, with active support from Microsoft, now proposes an integrated offer with Office 365 applications !

The Shortways Virtual Assistant now embeds Sharepoint Online Content directly in business applications (ERP, CRM).

Your collaborators have now got access to training content (procedures, business rules, powerpoint, microlearning, …) and these appear directly in their business application, when they need it! According to their needs, the Shortways Virtual assistant searches for information directly in Sharepoint Office 365® and let them have access to content to help them. This is good news we know that one in two collaborators don’t go to the company’s intranet!

The Shortways Virtual Assistant has two main features :

– Contextual help: the user gets the right information when he needs it, according to what is showing on his business application screen! This information comes from Sharepoint and it can easily be updated.

– News distribution: Users are informed directly (news, instructions, commercial offers, deadlines, etc.) in their business applications. The information comes from the new announcement library and can easily be programmed.

Thanks to the Shortways Virtual Assistant, it will be possible for collaborators to find all the elements discussed in the Office 365® collaborative platform (procedures, discussion etc..) directly in their business application, when they need it! And soon, in only one click, they will have access to any information posted by one of their colleagues in the Yammer social network and can also talk directly with them.

There is no more need for users to go on different supports (such as the LMS, the social network, the intranet (Sharepoint)) to find the information they need. As a consequence, users will have more autonomy and will be more efficient.

The Shortways Virtual Assistant displays information that are on Sharepoint from Office 365

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