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The team has overcome tough challenges in the first four years: new clients, new products and new projects!

3 members at the launch of the start-up, Shortways has now 13 team members working between Laval and Paris, with the same objective: help the business users to understand and manage better their IT environment in order to be more efficient and type-in reliable data!

In this special occasion, the Shortways team met all day. The morning was an opportunity to rediscover our customers with the adaptation of the game Time´s Up! Do you know well your customers? In teams of three, the goal was to find the names of our clients through words and mimes. Next, the team thought about the objectives and relationships among the different services (Sales, Marketing, R&D, and Professionals Service). An exercise that has brought face to face the insights and expectations of each one about the roles of each team.

The day continued in good humor, in a restaurant, and during the afternoon, with the kart racing and bowling session: true champions proved!

Thanks to our customers: Sodexo, Total, Lafarge, Altedia Lee Hecht Harrison, CISIRH (former ONP), Transdev … without whom we would not be here, and our partners.

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