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Last week, Oracle Open World took place at San Francisco !! Shortways attended this famous event which gathers together business decision-makers, IT management as well as line of business users of Oracle software. Oracle Open World was the occasion to show product features, to give news from Oracle Corporation and to talk about their projects for the coming year…

The famous keynote session of Larry Ellison, founder and CTO of Oracle, emphasized this year artificial intelligence and the Cloud, Cloud, Cloud!!


  • Artificial Intelligence: At Oracle Open World, Larry Ellison showed off a new platform: The chatbot development platform! An application to which employees can talk to and exchange with. A kind of “professional Siri”! The chatbot development platform is connected to the information system of the Oracle company! No more need for the user to click on a button to receive help or order business cards, he can now use his voice!
  • IaaS-PaaS-SaaS: Larry Ellison presented these 3 major points of the Cloud, and as usual took a real pleasure in comparing favorably Oracle with his competitors. Infrastructure As A Service was in the spotlight at Oracle Open World with many sessions dedicated to this subject. A promising segment on which Oracle seems wanted to focus on in 2017.
    • SaaS : Workday et SalesForce
    • PaaS : Amazon et Microsoft
    • IaaS : Amazon.
  • Machine Learning: Oracle announces that they will add Machine Learning capacity to the Oracle Cloud Platform. The goal will be, for example, to better predict the purchase processes or to optimize offers.
  • Cloud usage: Cloud usage is growing by 20% year over year. Oracle is clearly encouraging customers to move to the cloud. Larry Ellison said that more and more companies from On premise application to Cloud application! An innovative technology that increase their business and create competitive advantage –> Larry Ellison “Computing moves from On Premise to Cloud’
  • Oracle customers that move to the Cloud: Some of Oracle customers do not hesitate to move to the Cloud. This was the case of Orange. To drive success in the deployment of the cloud application, the Group decided to help employees appropriate better the Oracle ERP Cloud! For that, they did the choice to embed just in time learning training, directly in the business application in order for the employees to get a one click access to information.
Toan Nguyen, CEO of Shortways, attended the event. For him, it was the opportunity to meet Oracle executives, partners and customers. It was also the opportunity to discover new trends and innovations!