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Here we are Shortways is 7 years old!

It’s was the time for us to share a moment of conviviality, actually like every day @shortways.  😉

On the agenda of this day, the team had first a business review, sharing thoughts on our customers, the market, product features and our future. … 

We then played an Escape Game (Escape 53 in Laval), which theme was about finding a lost treasure in an Inca temple (no no, we did not fly to Peru 🙂 As you can see on the pictures we were very motivated to win the totem: our exit times are quite good! 

And the winners are … Toan, Olivier and Suzanne, but we did not really care. (Oh, well maybe just a little bit) 😉  

The other team did actually a great jobthere was very little in the plays! After racking our brains, fortunately a good meal was waiting for us. A very rich day of team collaboration for Shortways!  

Thank you for following us! 😀