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Shortways, publisher of a digital assistant that accompanies companies in the digitization of work, is evolving its offer and announces the launch of Smart Ticketing, a contextualized support solution for business users.

Supporting users of ERP and HRIS solutions in their appropriation of these tools is a strategic issue that guarantees the proper use of these environments. In this context, beyond the technical support already covered by ITSM solutions, Shortways intends to complement these applications by interfacing and offering business and contextualized support to users. Smart Ticketing was created to answer this question.

A 100 % business support approach

Smart Ticketing is therefore positioned as a user support ticket management platform integrated with business applications (HRIS, ERP, CRM, etc.). Thus, users enter contextualized tickets from the screens of their application. These tickets are enriched with the application data. They chat in real time with support teams and access a knowledge base of answers to known problems. The productivity of support teams is then improved and users better supported in their requests. This also reduces the pressure on the support department by having fewer tickets to manage.

A fully integrated and industrialized approach to application support

  • Simplify the process to contact your support

The users do not have to leave their screen to ask you a business question, they are guided in their problem reporting directly from their tool. Thanks to AI, essential context data is captured to accelerate problem solving.

  • Increase user experience and satisfaction

It is possible to provide a human response in the form of real-time discussion, always from the business application in question.

  • Accelerate problem solving

Your users don’t have to ask a question for which they have forgotten the answer, they find it in their history of support requests.

  • Reduce operational blockages

Unblock your users on their own by promoting self-help thanks to a knowledge base of known problems, and streamline your support.

  • Industrialize and simplify ticket management

Replace your generic Excel file / support mailbox with Shortways’ integrated back-office for a more efficient management of business questions.

  • Measure your performance

Thanks to Shortways’ integrated and personalized dashboards, it is possible to track its support KPIs, optimize user support and reduce the TCO.

« We are proud to introduce our contextualized user support solution. This is a unique innovation that perfectly complements the market’s ITSM solutions. Our application therefore reduces application support costs, streamlines exchanges with users, but also eliminates the most common problems with the use of ERP and HRIS. »

Toan Nguyen

CEO and Founder, Shortways