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More than twenty HR and HCM professionals came to listen to Engie’s feeback last June 28th.

During this HR morning entitled “Change Management to the service of Digital Talent Management”, Shortways’ CEO, Toan Nguyên, firstly exposed Shortways’ actual work about HCM adoption.

The partial results of a survey conducted with HR managers and HRIS indicates that the score given to adoption is 6.2 / 10. A “can do better” news during this period of exams! It was also an opportunity to announce a white book on the subject, to be published in September 2019, in collaboration with the ITESCIA’s HCM Mastere.

OneHR: The HCM to the service of Engie’s entities

Céline Ropartz, Group Change Manager, and Vanessa Ferré Delalandre, Manager of Talent Management at Engie, ten led the morning with their testimonials.

Engie is a French energy and services group. It is the third largest global group in the energy sector in 2015.

Engie has successfully deployed a new integrated HCM : OneHR, based on the HCM Cloud suite from the American publisher Oracle. This new HCM, common to the entire group, provides a common process base for the group’s 160.000 employees.

It should be noted that this new HCM is positioned at the service of various Business Units (BUs) of Engie. For example, it is strongly involved in the transformation of a France B2B BU (illustrated by the clear and committed video of its CEO). It also supports the recruitment policy of another groupe entity.

A suitable change management strategy

After a first deployment, Céline Ropartz told us about the methodology used and her feedback.

The adoption strategy in terms of deliverables was to produce a deployment kit that each BU had to adapt “locally”. However, it turned out that this kit had to be updated regularly (the Oracle Application, being SaaS, frequently evolves), and that the entities did not necessarily have the means to adapt it regularly.

Shortways Assistant in order to complete the device

Engie has therefore made the choice to complete its support system for users with the Shortways Assistant solution. Procedural instructions and reminders have been incorporated ito the HCM One HR as contextual help, bubble and step-by-step.

The Shortways Assistant’s implementation approach took great care to take into account the needs of the users. This is how is was set up to adress the problem of identifying enty points (‘where should I go?”) rather than guiding the use through the process flow (‘how to?”).

An other interesting feedback is the fact that the information, to be seen, must be invasive on the screen without beeing agressive. A cursor to position with sublety.

Multiply initatives and always stay in alert

In conclusion, Céline and Vanessa remind us that change management is not just a matter of communication and that many levers are to operate. However, it is hard to mesure the impacts of each initiative.

Finally, we have to stay in alert on this topic, staying as close to the field and always looking to improve!

A great thank you to Céline Ropertz and to Vanessa Ferré Delalandre for their feedback.