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Last week, the Shortways’ team attended the Modern Business Experience in London! An event that focussed on digital transformation and the practical steps organisations can take to accelerate innovation and growth.

Safra Catz, Oracle Chief executive, explained how important it is to embrace change : “Companies need to change before they are forced to change,” she said. “If you’re not at the table you’re on the menu. Organisations need to be constantly changing, and that should be seen as a positive,”. She added “True digital transformation is about having better information so that the talent in your organisations can make better decisions; decisions about who are your best customers and how you serve their needs.”

In this context of Digital Transformation and change but also as a member of the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator, this event was the occasion for Shortways to present its Just-in-time learning digital assistant to Oracle members but also to customers. A solution which allow customers to accelerate and secure user adoption of their Oracle Cloud Applications (ERP, HCM, CX..).

Startup Experience

During his session entitled « How Modern Business Will Succeed : Think like a Start-up », Reggie Bradfort, Oracle SVP, asked Toan Nguyen, CEO Shortways to give his feedback regarding the participation of Shortways in the Oracle Startup Program.

Live Demonstration of the Shortways’ Solution!

Modern Business Experience was also the opportunity for Toan Nguyen to do a live demonstration of the Shortways’ solution! With a live demonstration, people who attended the session were able to see the benefits of having a training solution embedded into business applications.

Today we need to adapt to different customer environments very quickly

This event was also the occasion to share our point of view and vision of technology and how customers need to adapt it.