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The HRIS (Human Resources Information System) is one of the tools used by HR managers to benefit from quality communication with their employees while reducing costs. It helps to ensure the proper circulation of information and the efficiency of HR processes.

But why has this management software become one of the key elements in improving the employee experience within the company?

Why focus on employee experience?


The generation currently entering the workforce is a generation that has grown up with the Internet and new technologies. They tend to be less attentive than their elders and have a greater need for stimulation. In addition, they are more likely to change companies if they are dissatisfied with their employee experience.

Making working conditions pleasant and stimulating is therefore important in order to succeed in retaining workers, given that it is more expensive for the company to recruit new employees than to retain those already employed within the company.

Companies that are most successful in creating a good employee experience are more likely to attract and retain the talent they have successfully hired.

Thus, a flexible organisation, teleworking, digitalisation, tools such as chabots, mobile applications for employees to manage their HRIS profile or dedicated services for employees are actions that the company puts in place to develop their daily employee experience.

What are the benefits of an HRIS for employees?


One of the immediate effects of globalisation on companies is that today’s employees need simplicity, immediacy and efficiency. An HRIS covers several areas: organisational management, recruitment management, administrative management, working time management and talent management. It is also an HR portal that allows access to the HRIS at any time and from any interface.

Employees benefit from a more efficient workspace and feel recognized within the company.

The fluidity and practicality that this tool can provide gives employees a positive vision of the tasks they have to perform and makes them more efficient. Their work seems more like a pleasure than a constraint, which helps to improve the company’s productivity.

What benefits can Shortways Assistant bring you?


The Shortways Assistant solution is a digital assistant that integrates directly into your HRIS. Thanks to its contextual aids and step-by-step, it makes it easier for the user to get to grips with the HRIS software used within your company.

This wizard is a tool that helps you improve your employee experience by offering your employees a modern and easy-to-use solution. It is a solution that makes your HRIS more qualitative and helps you to improve your employee experience and therefore your productivity.