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The digital transformation is the procedure of adding some digital technologies on some or all the activities of the company. During the “LES BIG BOSS” networking event, Opinionway has made a survey questioning 301 business leaders. Using this survey, they have noticed that 19 % of the companies were advanced in their digital transformation process and only 3 % of them were at the top of their digital transformation.

But what are the impacts and benefits of a digital transformation?

Digital Transformation: Why?

The digital transformation isn’t only a digitalisation of the companies. It consists of an evolution of the activity of the company around 3 ways so that the company has a place in the connected and digital world.

  • The business model: facing the growing concurrence who presents new business models (like Airbnb for hotels or Tesla on the automobile market), the company need to win in reactivity and agility when they must take a decision. They need to transform and introduce their change.
  • The customer experience: the customer experience is the second result of the transformation. The digital transformation offers a deeper knowledge of the client, given by the digital tool.

What are the benefits for the companies?

The benefit of digital transformation is very often the reason why we put this transformation in place. These benefits are:

  • A gain of operational efficiency
  • Development of the company
  • A gain of external and internal communication
  • Competitive efficiency
  • New type of incomes

According to Opinionway, digitalisation could encourage innovation in the company said the CEOs (76% for the companies and 80% for the companies who are advanced in their digital transformation).

The heart of all those benefit are the employees. The employees are very often forgotten in all the digital strategies, but nevertheless the they are the heart of the success of a digital transformation project!

What are the impacts for the employees?

Too many companies began some transformation project without thinking about the impact it would have on the collaborators. The companies do not put the employees in the digital innovation processes. But the collaborators are the people whom make live and evolve the digitals innovations. But this doesn’t mean that the companies forget their employees. They just thought that the changes would be straight accepted by everybody in the company.

Today we do see the limits of the fast type of working made by digital. If the humans aren’t against those changes it is always difficult to make sur that everybody go to their objectives.

The digital transformation: A Human story

To support your collaborators in the implantation of new digital tools need to be a key point of every company digital project. A project which, without the adherence of the collaborators will hardly work and will have some internal and external consequences.

You need to transform your employees in assets in the digital transformation! And good news, many innovative tools permit to aware them, to train and support them through those changes.