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This year, many companies invested in an ERP. The reasons of this investment are numerous and attractive. However, deploying an ERP project is often synonym of budgetary and calendar slippage.

Calendar extension

A study from Panorama Consulting, highlights that only 40% of the companies finish their ERP deployment project on time. And 33% announced that they exceed the planned duration. This study showed that the ad of some features is the principal reason of waste of time.

ERP Project: how much does it cost?

From the same study, a company would averagely spend 1.3 million€ in an ERP project.

I do insist on the averagely because for some of the questioned companies, the amount increased:

  • 56% said they had an increase of 25% or less than average price
  • 18% said the cost was at least 25% more than the average price

Budgetary slippage: Why?

We learn from the same study that most of the time, those budgetary increase are coming from organisational or technical issues that were not anticipated.

How to secure this huge investment?

Faced to those huge projects, companies invest a lot of resources, energy, money and time. The objective is to protect this investment when the ERP will be deployed.

We think that the success of an ERP project deployment, so of the investment, lies in the good use and adoption of this ERP by the users (the on who will use it every day!)

Indeed, the deployment of a new ERP impacts hundreds, even thousands of collaborators! The companies understand that it isn’t easy to train and support employees in this change.

However, having invested very high amounts in the acquisition of this ERP, companies can’t fail to support and train their futur users.


The consequences of having any training when the ERP is deployed are numerous:

  • The reject from the users
  • Under use of the ERP by the users
  • An over use of the hotline
  • Some mistakes of data entry in the ERP.
  • High cost of the training.

To train and support employees in the use of your new ERP: the best way to secure your investment!

Users are not against Change. They support it! But, they do want to be trained and supported to use the digitals tools you decided to deploy without any stress for.

The choice is yours!

To train and support your employees in the use of your ERP (and so secure your investment) we are here to help you!!

Just contact us 🙂