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Shortways is pleased to introduce its new Step by Step feature

A feature supporting the new training methods

We talked about is a lot in our blog articles, cloud is everywhere! And it is a real opportunity for companies! Beyond the technical aspects, it is even more important to take end users into account, as they are the one who will use the new business application recently implemented. They need to be super efficient!

Your colleagues have changed! The Learning environment has changed! There was a time when employees were learning in classes, watching a PowerPoint presentation for hours… Today, it turns out to be unefficient! Trainees forget 80% of the content in traditional classroom training after one month!

Moreover, the modern learner availability for his personal training and development represents only 1% of his time or  4 minutes a day. A very poor percentage that reflects their overwhelmed agenda and the way they operate at work.

In the context of a new cloud application implementation, training is vital! It is important to support users when they are in front of their screen. Remember that 70% of learning is made hands-on. Practice is the most efficient way to train employees!

Guide users, when they are working, directly in the business application

The Shortways Step by Step feature matches with this new way of learning and guides users directly in their business applications.


With step by step instructions, directly integrated in business applications, you can:

  • Guide users in self-service processes: create order, expense reporting…
  • Accelerate adoption of your cloud application by guiding users in their business environment

This new feature supports the digital transformation of companies.

A complete training offer integrated in business applications

The Shortways Step by Step features completes existing ones:

  • Context sensitive help: Provide in one click business procedure or insight relating to what is showing on your screen when user are interacting with the processes in their application
  • News distribution: Receive the latest business and apps information when connecting in your application, no longer by email (news, instructions, commercial offers, deadlines…)
  • Reporting: View statistics & reporting on the items the most sought and consulted by users, and detect issues that justify a user action plan.

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