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The financial reports of french companies are still too long and, moreover, do not provide enough information, according to KPMG.

financial reports too long KPMG


For the Second consecutive year, KPMG analyzed 270 annual financial reports coming from 16 countries all around the world and allocated between 15 business sectors.

Financial reports: Too much information is as bad as too little.

According to a study made by KPMG, french annual reports are the longest in the world. With, on average, 310 pages, France comes 1st! (204 pages on average in the rest of the world). Today, the finance departments have to analyze financial data but also non financial data. Data that must be threated and analyzed via complex information systems but also via processes and procedures tat need to be perfectly respected! It is not always easy for employees, especially when they are not supported enough….

financial reports too long KPMG

A long-term vision not completely mastered

Only 15% of financial reports contents are dedicated to the company’s strategy. Less than 10% of companies identify risks that are linked to strategic choices and change management. However, the finance department has a key role in the transformation of the companies (Stratégie Digitale & co)!

What advices could you give to improve your financial reports ?

KPMG proposes 6 areas for improvement:
1. Give investors information they need
2. Have a clear content with added value
3. Propose long-term KPIs
4. But also KPIs which are in line with the digital strategy of the company
5. Propose more analysis on strategic data
6. Focus on risk analysis linked with the future.
This study shows that, for the finance departments, it is vital to give meaning to financial information and to transform the finance function: simplified processes, cost reduction, information system evolution. Projects that will allow to simplify employees’ work and to clarify financial reports.

Source : The KPMG Survey of Business Reporting – 2e edition